General Hospital Spoilers: November 21-25, 2016 Edition


This week on General Hospital, the families of Port Charles celebrate Thanksgiving. Also: Kiki and Dillon have a moment; Jason and Sam make an important decision; Sonny gets a surprise visitor. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 21, 2016.

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Editor’s Note: Thursday, November 24rd will be an encore episode, original air date November 26, 2014. It’s Thanksgiving Day in Port Charles.  Carly and Sonny share a special moment. Duke confronts Anna and asks for forgiveness. Alexis and Julian make a huge discovery.  As villains continue to lurk about town, surprises are in store. Friday, November 25th will be preempted.

General Hospital Spoilers: Happy Thanksgiving

Kiki and Dillon share a nice moment over pizza. Will they be able to continue to deny their true feelings? Later, Tracy attempts to save the Quartermaines from yet another disastrous Thanksgiving dinner. Will she succeed this year?

Tensions fly when Alexis hosts Thanksgiving dinner. Last year, the Davis girls shared the holiday with the Jeromes but things are very different 12 months later. Will Alexis’ destructive behavior put a damper on the holiday? Julian receives a cryptic call. What is the mysterious call about? Later, Julian threatens to tell Sam about Alexis’ drinking. Sam has an important decision to make with Jason about whether to help Curtis with his investigation.

Jax provides Carly with some needed comfort. Carly continues to struggle over whether Sonny and her can have a future together. Meanwhile, Laura pays Sonny a visit on Thanksgiving and the two share some empathy over the loss of their sons.

Also this week:

  • Dante and Jordan prepare for Sonny’s arraignment.
  • Nelle eavesdrops on a private conversation.
  • Dante and Lulu share exciting news with their family.
  • Scott pulls a fast one on Lucy in order to help Ava.
  • Tensions mount between Jordan and Andre.
  • Finn awaits the results of Hayden’s blood test.

Source Sneak Peek: November 28th-December 2nd

Maxie and Nathan are worried about the company Nina has been keeping. Sam is concerned Jason’s trust in Curtis is misplaced. Bobbie resumes her position at General Hospital. Franco pays Heather a visit.

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  1. He died because he stole a car with a bomb in it. I don’t believe Sonny planted that bomb, and I don’t believe Morgan would have stolen that car had he been properly medicated. The fact that he wasn’t, is solely on Ava. What she did is despicable. How anyone can defend it is beyond me.

  2. I am sure there will be more to it then Lucy being that guliable I am sure Lucy will get the upper hand and even if Ava gets the pills Lucy could still tell Carson so I don’t see how this will help Ava Sonny won’t care that the pills are gone

  3. Morgan didn’t die because his meds were messed with he died because someone planted a bomb

  4. That would be impossible he would had to know that Morgan would steal the car so unless the mystery man has ESP he had no way of knowing Morgan would steal the car

  5. Yeah, but Jaxass is sticking around. Plus now Nell’ll probably blackmail her. I just can’t wait til Jaxass is gone, the kidney crap is all out in the open, hopefully Nell’ll go away too, and Sonny and Carly reconcile. GH just sucks now.

  6. Luckily they didnt go that far

  7. What is the deal with Julian? He was talking to Jessup Friday??? Did he have Morgan killed?

  8. Sonny went to prison. While not for a very long time, still more than Ava. And yes, she needs to pay. Morgan was finally figuring things out. Working at a non-mob related job, going to school, struggled so hard for so long to get his disease under control, and Ava screwed with his pills, fully knowing the danger she was putting Morgan and everyone around him (including both of her daughters) in. She is completely despicable.

  9. Who cares that Sonny’s been around for years. Sonny is still a mobster too. Ava should pay the day Sonny pays for his crimes.

  10. I’m so sick of Sam & Jason passing judgement on Franco…Jason was a hitman for years & Sam (did she forget what she did to Jake?) I wish they would both just die already.

  11. So the preview for Monday 11-21-16 has Carly making out with Jaxass in her house. I’m guessing the “much needed comfort” will be the horizontal kind, and since she recently slept with Sonny, we’re probably in for a round of “Who’s the daddy” for the next 9 months or so. I hope Sonny gets to make out with someone too, and if she goes all the way with Jaxass, I hope Sonny sleeps with someone. Probably Laura.

  12. Sonny’s been around for years. I think Ivy posed a valid question. Ava needs to pay.

  13. Sonny’s still skating on the crap he pulls. So what’s the difference between what Ava gets away with and what Sonny gets away with.

  14. so Ava is going to continue to skate? Makes you wonder who MW is related to. Or sleeping with.

  15. Sounds like Scott is going to get his way with Lucy and that is unbelievable seeing as she already caught on to why Scott wanted to see her. WE are suppose to believe that Lucy is that gullible? Of course we are so Ava can again escape getting caught! How long does this show think we will keep watching Julian and Ava get away with crap? They are not liked that much to keep them around!!!

  16. Sounds positively boring. I miss the good old days when November sweeps actually meant something.

  17. Happy to see Dillon&Kiki mention. They aren’t exactly taking over GH. Good to see Lante too. Love Scott and Lucy but they really need to do something with Ava. I like Alexis without Julian. NLG is wonderful in this.

    Morgan’s death/Funeral has been way to long. I need a break. They need to move Nelle’s story along….fast! She’s practically on everyday and all she does is look and talk. She’s starting to annoy me. I really hated sweeps. :-(

    Thanks for the spoilers. :-)

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