Gays of Our Lives: A Cure For What Ails You

Skam  (Norway)

So I read that they’re doing a US version of Skam?  We’ll see if the gay storyline remains intact and not watered down, especially given the current political climate.

That scene of Isak talking to his dad on the phone (before he and Even connect) where Isak thinks it’s over with Even was a very simple scene, yet it was very powerful and heartbreaking.  These are some really talented young actors tackling strong material.

I also like that scene where Isak’s friend told him about his mother, who is bipolar and made Isak realize that his relationship with Even was not a product of Even’s mania.

Sonia sure turned on a dime in regards to Even and Isak’s relationship.  Seemed more plot oriented than a realistic story turn.  

I do wonder how it’s going to close.  I’m inclined to think that the relationship is doomed, which actually is more realistic that an hearts and flowers happy ending.  This is a tough thing for two teenage boys to handle and I don’t think they are prepared or ready for it.  They couldn’t be at their age.

This Life  (Canada)

Oliver’s scenes with his new boyfriend are actually kind of cute.  But the entire relationship is rushed and weird.  I mean they met on the day that Oliver’s mother died and the guy was openly flirting with Oliver at the scene.  Then they saw each other again at the hospital on the same day with Oliver’s sister being rushed into surgery where they flirt some more and make a date.  Umm.. okay.

The show picks up five days later with them saying they are ‘boyfriends’ and that they have a relationship? They even break up and get back together in the space of a few scenes.  Hurried, much?   It’s just kind of hard to root for the relationship or even care about it because it moves so fast and we know nothing about Oliver’s new guy other than he’s a paramedic.

But with that said, they do have chemistry the final scene between them is adorable and sweet.  As for the story with Oliver’s financial woes, that too was a little too nearly resolved as well after all the turmoil of the season.  Perhaps as this is the season finale, the show knows they won’t be coming back and ended things on a positive note?  I do hope the show returns, if only to see how things develop between Oliver and his new man.



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  1. Casualty – the more I see of this storyline, the more I am convinced that it was written with a younger and more naive-looking actor in mind. They seem to have rushed it through a bit as Sebastian has only been around for a couple of weeks and they haven’t established his character enough. I would think that he would be in the show for a little while, just because the actor is coming off the back of a soap (he was in Emmerdale for a few years) and could probably do better that a small part. If I remember correctly he was in Torchwood too. It’s a bit disappointing that we’ve seen this sort of storyline before on Casualty, albeit with some differences – if you recall a few years ago Tobey got together with Ben and then reported him for taking advantage to save it from coming out. I know it’s not the same thing happening here, but the whole wrongful complaint thing is boring. Poor Dylan!

    Regarding Brits and Christmas plays – LOL! Well, you would be forgiven for thinking it, especially with Eastenders at the moment, but I assure you that we’re not all down the church hall every night putting on a local play. Such a contrived storyline at the moment on more than one UK soap!

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