‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: I Got You Babe

“There’s only one thing I want for Christmas - my mommy."
“There’s only one thing I want for Christmas - my mommy."

Last week Port Charles was plagued with its worse break out since the monkey virus – baby-rabies. I’m a little over the baby obsession that is effecting one too many of General Hospital’s characters. There are more grounded ways to tell a story about a woman wanting to be mother than what the sudser is offering us.

I wasn’t able to write about everything that happened this last week. If you would like to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review for the episode that aired December 5th-9th.

Thermos Cassadine

Lulu has an instant connection to Charlotte.

Lulu has an instant connection to Charlotte.

Last week Lulu laid eyes on Charlotte Cassadine and instantly knew the little girl must be hers. She quickly questioned the girl’s origins and enlisted Maxie in her investigation. Maxie faked a hysterical pregnancy and got a pelvic exam while Lulu searched Charlotte’s medical records. She discovered that Claudette was Charlotte’s surrogate mother but not her biological one. (What was the purpose of Daphne then?) Friday’s shocking cliff-hanger was Valentin confessing that Charlotte is Lulu’s daughter. So after going through three daddies in a span of a few months, Charlotte’s mother is switching. Little Charlotte is cute and all but I don’t think viewers care enough about the character for her to be given an accelerated John Black treatment.

It appears this story is heading to a Lulu vs. Nina battle for Charlotte’s attention. Both women want to be mothers again after losing the opportunity to have another baby. Valentin has used his daughter to entice a relationship with the super sexy magazine editor and we know how obsessive Nina can get. Even though her relationship with Valentin is new, she’s gotten her hopes up about having a family with Valentin and Charlotte. I don’t think she’s going to be too keen on dealing with Lulu now. It’s also going to be a little hard for Dante to deal with I imagine. He seems content with just Lulu and Rocco. A hatched Cassadine/Spencer egg will surely complicate his happy family unit.

Allthough it will generate some soapy fallout, it’s perplexing to me that Lulu’s embryo story isn’t among the many stories that were dropped this past year. The set up is pretty campy. Lulu’s desperation for a child feels a bit extreme considering she already has one. It would make more sense to me if the possibility of not having another baby made her cherish Rocco more. Dante and her could have had disagreements on parenting with her taking a more helicopter approach while he was more relaxed. The couple could have looked into adoption again or foster care, giving GH a socially relevant story to tell. I really enjoy Emme Rylan’s Lulu. I think she is a good fit as Laura’s spunky daughter but I wish she had much better writing.

Rescue 911

Alexis vs. Julian

Alexis vs. Julian

So far I’m enjoying Alexis vs. Julian. I don’t really need them to turn romantic again but the bickering is good. Just as suspected, Julian blackmailed Alexis into taking care of him. Ava figured out what was going on and warned her brother that it might not be a good idea to push the buttons of a woman who just ran him over. It’s interesting that Julian didn’t tell Ava that Alexis was drunk. Is he protecting her? I think Julian may foolishly try to woe back his wife. I hope that Alexis is the one with the upper hand in this situation though. I don’t want her to succumb to visions of sugar plums and Julian’s abs. She has already been weak for him.

I found the conversation between Alexis and Griffin regarding Julian intriguing. Julian has hurt both of them. “He had my father killed. Your testimony failed to put him away so what happens to this man is my business,” Griffin told Alexis. Alexis used him as a sounding board for her lies but it would interesting if later she confided in him the truth. Alexis did ask him if he could keep a confidence and I feel like there is a reason she asked that. Maybe they could help each other finally get some form of justice.

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  1. I feel like Alexis is going to make things a little difficult for Julian rather than being a wimp. We’ll see what happens. I’d actually love to see a triangle with Nina, Valentin and Anna.

  2. Julian blackmailing Alexis is offensive to me.He was abusive and tried to slit her throat.She needs a divorce lawyer and a guard dog.
    I hate that they’re making Alexis such a spineless wimp. She should tell him to go to hell.Him saying she was drunk is moot. There’s no poof.It’s his word (a known thug) against hers=useless.
    I also can’t stand Nina with Valentin. Free him from that train wreck and pair him with Anna or Nina.

  3. I loved that Jason and Curtis were in the the trash because I don’t care that much for them. This show must love their boring couples. Can we get some other storyline’s soon. Can the show try again with Valerie. I guess the show forgot that Valerie is a Spencer and should be getting more scenes with her family.

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