‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: I Got You Babe

“There’s only one thing I want for Christmas - my mommy."
“There’s only one thing I want for Christmas - my mommy."

Daddy’s Girl

Nelle reassures Sonny that she’ll stay silent.

Nelle reassures Sonny that she’ll stay silent.

Michael and Nelle’s budding romance is starting to get featured more and I wish I cared. A big part of the reason why I’m having trouble getting into this prospective pairing is Michael. The last year or so Michael has been stuck in the background trying to make his awful family not feel awful about being awful. I need Michael to man up and I don’t think having him paired with someone who is messing with Sonny will lead to that. I feel like this will just end up emasculating the character in a similar fashion as when Michael had his daddy rescue girlfriend Sabrina from South American mobsters earlier this year. I do like the idea of pairing Michael with a feisty schemer but GH could have achieved that by pairing him with someone such as Maxie instead.

While Nelle is starting to flirt more with Michael, her attention remained on his father and whatever scheme she has cooked up. She got yet another recording of Sonny stating that they slept together (because one can never have too many secretly recorded confessions) but it’s unclear what she plans on doing with the recordings. I assume she’ll blackmail Sonny but what is she really after here? Perhaps she’s trying to build a false sexual harassment case against her employer a la Girlfriend Experience. Sonny’s secret isn’t going to remain secret for too much longer now that his pal Jason is suspicious. I’m actually very interested to see what Jason chooses to do with this new knowledge.

Chinese Take-out

Jasam almost learn the sex of their baby.

Jasam almost learn the sex of their baby.

One thing that Jason didn’t find out last week was the sex of little Scout. I was disappointed that after the build up, GH didn’t reveal whether Jason and Sam’s little bundle of joy is a boy or girl. Come on show! Inquiring minds want to know! The non-reveal should lead to some shenanigans though which could provide a little cute family drama for the Morgans.

As Sam’s appointment with Dr. Lee (nice to see her again) was ending, Jason received a call from Curtis regarding the car bomb case. Jordan provided Curtis with a clue which lead to the guys dumpster diving for a Chinese take-out bag. It looks like Julian planted the bomb in his own car but Curtis and Jason have yet to figure out why. These scenes were pretty funny and I’m digging the new partnership between the PIs. I was entertained by Jason scaring one of Julian’s thugs with talk about the metal in his brain effecting his temperament and Curtis being grossed out by a rat in a possible Indiana Jones shoutout.

I would love it if Jason, Sam and Curtis went into business together. This trio plays off each other in a very entertaining way. I loved Jackal & McCall and, with the Jackal offscreen and the McCall now a Morgan, I’d more than welcome a newer version. The venture would also allow Jason to be an adventurer without being a mob hitman which would be a great direction for the character. I’m a sucker for good chemistry and our current version of Jason works a lot better in a bromance with Curtis than with Sonny. The Jason and Sonny’s friendship just doesn’t have the same vibe anymore and it’s past time to try something new.

Couples of the week: Maxie and Nathan, Lulu and Dante, Jason and Sam, Valentin and Nina, Curtis and Jordan, Anna and Andre

Quotes of the week: “Which means Julian planted the bomb in his own damn car.”-Curtis

“Why would somebody try to keep a child from their parent? It’s disgusting.”-Nina

“You blackmailing me?”-Alexis “Oh Alexis. Blackmail is just so harsh.”-Julian

“Back so soon?”-Julian “Drop dead.”-Alexis “Love you too.”-Julian

“I hope you’re open to the idea of a play date.”-Valentin “”-Dante

“How do I explain this to you? You tried to kill her, and then you wound up squished under the wheels of her car!”-Ava

“I have a hard time forgiving that whole false imprisonment thing. It’s like a pet peeve of mine.”-Maxie

“Thank you Alexis.”-Julian “Me?”-Alexis “Thank you for calling 911… after you ran me down.”-Julian

“For a season of love and good cheer, people can be pretty intense.”-Carly

“You and I are Charlotte’s parents.”-Valentin

Well I must say you two are very good hostages. You stayed reasonably quiet and you haven’t broken anything or started yelling for help.”-Doctor “Yeah, not our first rodeo.”-Maxie

“I would welcome the opportunity to confide in someone. You still are a priest right?”-Alexis “Yes I am.”-Griffin

“But you need to stay away from Elizabeth and you need to stay away from her too.”-Franco

“What you don’t know is them thing she carrying like five or six million disease in one single claw.”-Curtis “Yeah I didn’t know that.”-Jason “Yeah I heard about the whole on NPR.”-Curtis

“Watch out for the rat.”-Jason

“Well contempt is better than apathy because at least there’s passion. Wait a second, sho said that?”-Julain “Probably some moron whose wife stabbed him while he was sleeping.”-Ava

Scene of the week: Jason and Curtis go dumpster diving.

For a look at what’s ahead, check out our General Hospital Spoilers.

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  1. I feel like Alexis is going to make things a little difficult for Julian rather than being a wimp. We’ll see what happens. I’d actually love to see a triangle with Nina, Valentin and Anna.

  2. Julian blackmailing Alexis is offensive to me.He was abusive and tried to slit her throat.She needs a divorce lawyer and a guard dog.
    I hate that they’re making Alexis such a spineless wimp. She should tell him to go to hell.Him saying she was drunk is moot. There’s no poof.It’s his word (a known thug) against hers=useless.
    I also can’t stand Nina with Valentin. Free him from that train wreck and pair him with Anna or Nina.

  3. I loved that Jason and Curtis were in the the trash because I don’t care that much for them. This show must love their boring couples. Can we get some other storyline’s soon. Can the show try again with Valerie. I guess the show forgot that Valerie is a Spencer and should be getting more scenes with her family.

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