General Hospital Spoilers: December 12-16, 2016 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Lulu bonds with Charlotte. Also: Jason learns Sonny’s secret; Nelle keeps her promise; Finn rushes to save Hayden; An enemy lurks. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 12, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Extended Families

Is Charlotte really Thermos? Look for Lulu to receive important information that will answer that question. Laura offers Lulu some motherly advice but Dante has his reservations. Later, Lulu spends a day getting to know Charlotte. Nina cautions Valentin to be weary of Lulu’s intentions.

Jason learns of Sonny’s indiscretions and the friends clash over a difference of opinion on how best to handle the situation. Will Jason keep mum regarding Nelle or tell Carly about the alleged fling? Carly’s kind gesture in the spirit of the holiday may lead to some awkwardness. Meanwhile, Nelle softens towards Michael. Could she be falling for him? Nelle promises to keep her word to Sonny. Later, Jason and Curtis’ investigation puts them in a dangerous situation. Will they find the information they have been looking for when they question a new lead?

How To Save A Life

Liz confides in Griffin regarding her feelings for Franco. Meanwhile, Franco and Kiki set things in motion in their plot against Tom. Will Tom find himself at Franco’s mercy? Franco toys with Tom.

Hayden’s condition worsens. Will Finn be able to save her? Finn finds something that inspires him and risks it all in an attempt to save Hayden.

Also next week:

  • Maxie is determined to uncover Sam’s secret and later confesses her feelings of guilt to Felicia.
  • A familiar tune triggers memories for Anna.
  • An unknown enemy lurks in Port Charles.
  • Ava remains suspicious of Alexis’ motives.
  • Jordan’s visit opens up new questions for Julian.

Source Sneak Peak: December 19th-23rd

Kevin worries about the future of his romance with Laura. Sonny flies into a tailspin when confronted with new information surrounding Morgan’s death. Franco attempts to come clean to Liz.

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  4. Roger Howarth is a trouper with this story line for sure. Don’t count out Kiki & Dillon just yet;)

  5. I’m perfectly aware that Sonny didn’t actually cheat but he isn’t. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

  6. You idiots are aware Sonny didn’t actually cheat, right? That this is all a setup by Nell? I hope Jason catches on to Sonny’s memory problem, and does a test on that glass for drugs. I want Sonny and Carly to reconcile, and kick Nell’s sorry, scheming pathetic @$$ out of town. If they divorce again, or let Carly believe he cheated, even though HE DIDN’T, I’m done until they get back together. They are killing this show, and I hope this dumb@$$ Nell is worth it. Morons.

  7. Me too

  8. I hate the turn Friz has taken. Hate Kiki getting involved in this. :-(….. Although I wouldn’t mind Griffin and Liz. :-)

    No Kiki & Dillon. Hope 2017 has a real story for them. Not much hope and happiness for Christmas. *sigh*

    Thanks for the spoilers.

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