‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Scrooged

Nelle and Michael almost attend the Nutcracker Gala.
Nelle and Michael almost attend the Nutcracker Gala.

Shipping News

Jason and Curtis’ investigation leads them to a shady pawn shop.
Jason and Curtis’ investigation leads them to a shady pawn shop.

Curtis and Jason’s investigation into the bomb that killed Morgan continued last week, leading the duo to a Chinese restaurant turned pawn shop. They don’t get a lot of answers but the sudden change in the location causes suspicion. One notable item in the shop is a large model ship. A hint at the Woo crime family perhaps? While Curtis and Jason question the shop’s owner, they are being watched on camera by the mysterious Oscar Jessup. We get our first glimpse of the villain in the form of a red silk clad shoulder.

Casting news has dropped that Tonja Walker is returning to GH. Walker played the role of Olivia Jerome on GH, Julian and Ava’s sister and Duke Lavery’s former lover. Julian famously killed his sister to prevent her from warning Duke about his plot for revenge. Fans have been speculating that Oscar Jessup is really Olivia Jerome. It does appear GH is doing another back from the dead story line and, regardless of the overused trope, I’m looking forward to seeing what the writer’s have up their sleeves with this one. It is a lot better than bringing on someone with no ties to the show’s history. I could buy Julian’s vengeful sister being the one pulling his strings.

I don’t see how the return of Julian’s sister could possibly explain away his attempted murder of Alexis (if that’s where this story is going). I feel like Julian and Alexis’ relationship works now as adversaries as oppose to lovers. Alexis reported to her nursing duties last week much to the dismay of Ava. Ava worried that Alexis may try to finish the job and kill Julian in his sleep. The snark between Alexis and Ava was a lot of fun to watch and I hope we get more scenes with Nancy Lee Grahn and Maura West. I felt like Ava got to have a little bit of bite while being protective of her brother which was nice to see. I do hope that the femme fatale gets some worthy story this next year.

Boxes of Pain

Nelle and her box of pain.
Nelle and her box of pain.

Michael seems to be taken with Nelle and she seems to be taking a liking to him too. I think this pairing could have been cute if Nelle wasn’t so creepy. I need to know what is motivating this new character before I can really start to invest. The clues we’ve been given have just lead to more questions than answers. While hanging outside of the Nutcracker Gala, Nelle leaves Michael without explanation. Perhaps she is feeling guilty about her actions against his parents? She went to her apartment, striped down so she could look at her scar and then fumbled through her box of pain. Yes, Nelle has a box of pain. Maybe she’s related to Jason?

Speaking of Jason, he now knows about Sonny and Nelle’s supposed affair. I’m curious whether Jason will continue to keep his friend’s secret. He cares about both Sonny and Carly so it’s a bit of a Sophie’s Choice for him. I would love it if he decided to tell Carly what he knows. I think if Carly actually did know what happened she might be able to put two and two together. By keeping things quiet, Sonny is just digging himself in deeper and now he could pull Jason down with him.

Couples of the week: Kiki and Dillon, Nina and Valentin, Dante and Lulu, Ava and Julian, Franco and Liz, Kiki and Dillon

Quotes of the week: “I’ve been sexed up.”-Nina

“I’m very sorry I did not recognize your good news.”-Dillon

“If defending someone you love exhausts you, you’re doing something really wrong.”-Nina

“I’ve really thought about what I’m going to do and this is all about moving forward.”-Franco

“Good! I hated the bitch! I would have killed her and whistled while I did it!”-Valentin

“Yeah but the problem is I don’t need protecting. Some people see me as a victim, someone who’s helpless, in need of shelter and protection but Im not.”-Liz


“So if I were to look up the word ‘awkward’ in the dictionary there would be a picture of you and Dante and whatever happened here.”-Laura

“Just because I don’t like you doesn’t mean that I don’t know you.”-Alexis

“I will ask myself, ‘Is this something that Dad would do?’ If it is, I will try not to do it.”-Lulu

“A little early for a cocktail don’t you think?”-Alexis

“If it doesn’t work out, I can always just get you a slanket.”-Franco

Video of the week:GH Winter Romance Extended Promo

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