‘Days of Our Lives’ Week In Review: Under My Umbrella

Carrie and Austin show up to get Marlena and Anna out of a tight situation.
Carrie and Austin show up to get Marlena and Anna out of a tight situation.

Technology Race

Eduardo informs Dario about the missing device and how he believes Kate took it.

Eduardo informs Dario about the missing device and how he believes Kate took it.

Another umbrella storyline opened up this last week, this time involving two of the most powerful families in Salem – and new one hoping to join the ranks. New family feuds began to brew all over a microchip that can apparently hack into any camera system across the globe. Why a microchip when everything is done wirelessly in 2017, I’m not sure but it’s enough of an advent that everyone in town is ready to fight for the chance to own it.

The week began with Eduardo and Dario Hernandez discussing the latest moves of their sham of a company, GDR. They were doing their best to keep it under wraps that they’d stolen the technology from Dimera Enterprise before they could unveil their own version, but being novices in the game of corporate thievery, lost the microchip to the same people they’d originally robbed. Kate Roberts really has no shame and I love that about her. She’s sizzling hot with Eduardo but there’s an undeniable spark between her and Andre Dimera, one that’s not just romance but he also matches her calculating mind so well. Eduardo is just a step behind. That’s probably why his scheme was found out so easily by so many different people. Poor Gabi Hernandez stumbled right into her father and brother’s plan, incriminating her just by overhearing.

But Gabi wasn’t the first character to fall into the microchip umbrella, neither was she the last. While the Prague umbrella storyline offered more comedy than actual intrigue, the microchip storyline has me very interested right from the start as it brings in multiple characters in varying capacities. Though it shouldn’t be, it’s actually a surprise to see DAYS craft a storyline that seems poised to be very sophisticated. While we have Gabi now learning of her family’s criminal activities, her ex-boyfriend JJ Devereaux has been assigned to investigate the suspicious activity at Salem’s docks tied to the Hernandez family. Being the upstanding guy that he’s become, JJ gave Gabi a bit of a fair warning that her brother and father are on the police’s radars. Even though he really wants to prove himself to his new boss, there’s this apprehension about going after his ex’s family even if she’d broken his heart and called him an awful human being. He’s a much better person than I could ever be.

Even Chad and Abigail Dimera get roped into this story. I am so happy that the writers were able to lace them in, imagine how boring it would have been for their only story to be finding their way back to some level of normalcy? It would have quickly grown redundant and stale. But after Dario shows his ass and his gun to Andre, threatening the eldest Dimera son to return the technology that he rightfully owns (or that maybe Hattie Adams owns since we learned they dated and he scammed her), Abigail found him and talked him down. From spoilers we know that this friendship might morph into something different down the line, but as of right now I’ve found myself not minding their interactions as much as I did before. Mostly because Abigail seems to be able to breathe freely around Dario. Maybe because he’s not someone she knows as well and therefore doesn’t owe him the return of the old Abigail like she thinks so many people want. Chad does not like their interactions at all. Dario knew Abigail was alive for literally a day before Chad did but the youngest Dimera son bit off Dario’s head for it. I wonder if he’s actually feeling threatened by his presence in his wife’s life.

Chad later gets directly thrown into the tale when Gabi calls him over to the Kiriakis mansion, the scene of a showdown between DAYS’ new set of dastardly patriarchs. Deimos Kiriakis and Andre Dimera are at each other’s throats over – correct me if I’m wrong – an external hard drive related to the microchip? Deimos has some kind of super power that allows him to know every move of any powerful person in Salem, so he had been snatch up his bit of the Dimera tech to use for Titan. Andre demanded his property to be returned while Deimos demanded he leave the premises. It got so heated that Sonny Kiriakis had to step in then Chad too later on. Andre and his flair for colorful scarves seemed to have been a fluke because he was right back into proper form, throwing threats like it was nothing. Insults came easily too like when Andre called Sonny nothing more than a pair of pretty cheekbones. And did he lie? Nope.

Chloe awakens from her coma at long last.

Chloe awakens from her coma at long last.

I may not be a fan of Deimos, but seeing him pitted against Andre will be delightful to watch. It’s the Kiriakis and Dimera feud for the new generation with a little bit of Hernandez thrown in – which actually isn’t a bad thing. I’d much rather see Deimos battling it out with Andre than giving damp proposals to Nicole Walker without an engagement ring or trying to police Chloe Lane’s womb. Speaking of the latter, Chloe awoke from her coma at the tail end of this week. Nancy Wesley was there to see her daughter through the first tentative stages as well as to let her know baby Holly was safe with Craig and Parker in Chicago. It’s really awful that first off, Nicole finally succeeded in having a child and it’s with Daniel Jonas, then the child is kept secret from her and then Deimos will be the step-dad. This was not the the life any DAYS fan imagined for Nicole but it’s what we’ve got. I may not agree with it, but I love that Nancy didn’t go against her child’s wishes and kept Holly secret until Chloe was better to reveal the truth herself. Chloe couldn’t wait though, she fled the hospital to see Nicole but upon spotting the engagement ring on her finger she paused. Friday’s episode was the best of the whole week, hands down but the ending scene of Nicole tearing open the door in time to hear Deimos violently threatening Andre while Chloe looked on scared was so well done. Now they too will be looped into the microchip meltdown storyline, adding yet another layer to this well woven story.

I don’t think we can expect Chloe to be a bridesmaid for Nicole and Deimos’ wedding and she most definitely won’t want baby Holly around a thug like that. But will her attempts to separate the sickeningly happy couple work or fall flat like her lukewarm schemes against Daniel Jonas and Jennifer Horton years back? There’s really so much potential in this story just from looking at the characters involved and the stories extending from this nonsensical microchip. Just please don’t run this into the ground, writers – at least not for a few weeks!

Also did anyone else crack up when Maggie Kiriakis compared her love with the departed Mickey Horton to Daniel and Nicole’s? Still laughing about that. Who greenlit that nonsense?

As usual, if I missed something you really wanted to talk about or something you felt was important, let’s start a discussion! Comment below, tweet me and let’s chat!

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