General Hospital Spoilers: January 30-February 3, 2017 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Liz and Franco reunite. Also: Alexis’ memories become clearer; Jason and Sonny disagree; Bobbie looks to an old friend for help. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of January 30, 2017.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Private Investigation

Liz makes a horrifying discovery in the Tom Baker case. Will she find herself in danger? Franco and Seth have a confrontation. After their time apart, Liz and Franco finally reconnect. Liz lays her feelings out for Franco. Will they take the next step in their relationship?

Alexis’ memories become more clear about what happened the night that Tom was killed. With some weight off her conscious, Alexis works to get her life back on track. Look for Alexis to have a new obstacle in her recovery in the form of a sponsor with ulterior motives. Sam frantically tracks down Jason at the hospital. Jason and Sonny have a falling out. Is their bromance over? Jason will take steps to protect Sam.

Bobbie’s suspicions continue leading her to make a call for help. An old friend will lend her a hand. Micheal and Nelle ponder what might have been. Later, Nelle receives a romantic gesture.

Julian takes the bait. Curtis keeps a watchful eye on the mob boss. Will the Jerome secret be discovered? Meanwhile, Jordan chooses not to keep her word.

Also this week:

Nina wants what’s best for Charlotte. The question is whether that includes Lulu or not. Lulu extends an olive branch to Valentin. Will he accept the truce? After Anna tears into Valentin, Nina questions her motives.

  • Sam argues her case
  • Sonny looks to Ava for answers.
  • Olivia looks to Carly for advice.

Source Sneak Peek: February 6th-10th

Hayden enlists Micheal’s help. Carly gets a clue about Nelle’s mystery man. Anna’s memories become increasingly unsettling. Sam gains the attention of a false friend.

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  1. Why does Nina think she has any rights to dictate what is best for charlette?

  2. If Sonny and Carly divorce over this pathetic @$$ed Nell BS I’m done until they’re back together. Really hope the “old friend” Bobbie goes to isn’t Jax@$$. I’ll stop watching if he comes back too.

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