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Locked Out Of Heaven

Hoping for happy times for Friz in 2017.

Hoping for happy times for Friz in 2017.

The story that we got for Franco and Liz wasn’t what I imagined for this holiday season. That being said, I enjoyed the December 23rd episode and last Monday’s episode. It feels like the story is shifting focus back to Franco and Liz’s relationship with a hint of the story I actually wanted for Christmas. Roger Howarth and Rebecca Herbst continue to slay. Franco came clean to Liz about what he did to Tom. Him sneaking around behind Liz’s back went a bit against the couple’s foundation so I’m glad that has been fixed. I also liked that Liz stood by Franco’s side until the situation became too overwhelming for her. As this story is wrapping up, things appear to be going back to the romance that viewers crave. That’s where the focus needs to stay in 2017.

I think this story would have been better suited for a few months from now. Bringing back Tom Baker wasn’t a bad idea so much as it missed the opportunity to be something more powerful than it was. The story should have been more focused on Elizabeth. I didn’t need her confronting Tom (she already did that when she was a teen) but there was opportunity to make an important social statement about what survivors go through. If you look at what has been in the news recently – Bill Cosby, “grab them by the pussy”, etc. – this story could have been very topical and timely if done differently. The very real issue that both Liz and Franco faced in this situation was the failure of the legal system to protect victims. I was happy to see this touched upon during Dante’s questioning after Tom’s murder. “Did he threaten you?” Dante asked. “Not in any way that the police would take seriously,” answered Liz.

The perspective of Liz’s family would have added a lot of layers to the tale. I find it an odd choice not to have Hayden present in the story. Instead of getting lizard pneumonia, the beats of her new found sisterhood could have been played. Why was she never told about what Liz was dealing with? It also would have been nice to have Jeff Webber and/or Liz’s mother on canvas too. Liz’s parents failed her when she was 15. This could have been addressed and attempts could have been made to make amends. Imagine what this story could have been if we had gotten Liz dealing with the situation, Franco’s struggles to support her, Jeff’s guilt over not protecting his daughter when she was a teen and Hayden’s feistiness. We would have an actual whodunit with Tom’s murder. Remember how Hayden had tricked the Trumper into thinking he would get lucky? What if Hayden had lure Tom into a trap and avenged her sister? Did Jeff overcompensate for his past neglect towards Liz and off Tom? Did Franco go overboard with trying to keep the woman he loved safe? Did Liz take matters into her own hands? And remember when Tom was creeping on Alexis? Julian could have found out and ordered a hit. There could have been mulitple suspects and characters we care about involved.

The Longest Ride

#Killon toast to the New Year.

#Killon toast to the New Year.

It’s funny how sometimes once you give up on something or stop chasing someone, things have a tendency to work out. That’s pretty much what happened for Kiki and Dillon. She decided to stop wallowing in guilt and pursue a new occupation. He decided to revisit a career in the film industry and leave Port Charles. These choices landed them seated next to each other on a bus to Los Angeles. And with the pressure of whether or not they should be together gone, they were able to see their situation clearer and end the year with a kiss.

I love the pairing of Kiki and Dillon. It’s refreshing to see a young couple with so much chemistry and story potential. This is a massive upgrade from where they were both at a year ago. I’m definitely wishing for more Killon in 2017. Now that they have overcome the obstacle of Morgan’s death, I look forward to seeing what their next challenges together will be. I’d like to see them faced with some relatable issues of being young and in love. What is Kiki’s new career goal and will it have any effect on her relationship with Dillon? How will their families get along? Will they move in together? How serious will they become about their relationship? What adventures will they face together?

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  1. You and me both! LOL Thanks for commenting!

  2. I just hope Morgan doesnt come back.

  3. I agree that GH needs to tone down the violence and focus more on romance.

  4. I’m over Morgan’s death. LOL The story didn’t go the direction I hoped it would & I wasn’t really a fan of the character by the time he was killed off.

  5. I think it’s a little too late to adopt my suggestions but I hope that Liz ends up the hero of the story. Thanks for reading!

  6. Wow, I really hope that your Franco/Liz story suggestions are adopted. They’d be amazing.

  7. I hate that Anna got to solve the hospitals killing when Valerie and Jordan did all the leg work. I hate how the writers treated Valerie’s character. I want know why Valerie and Carly and Morgan and Michael never had scenes together. I can’t believe Morgan has gotten months of mourning which more then Nikolas has gotten.

  8. The bottom line is that Sabrina’s death and Julian’s attempt to murder Alexis were both EXTEMELY violent acts on-screen. The writers and producers CHOSE to do this. There’s simply no way to explain either action away. Worse for Alexis is that a violent husband WOULD tell his victim that he still LOVES her and to minimize his violence, which is the HORRIBLE message TPTB are sending right now. As viewers we have to stand up for women who are abused, and call this story out honestly.

  9. Thanks for commenting Matty! I‘m feeling pretty optimistic about Killon right now. It’ll be interesting to see what’s in store for them.

  10. I love Dillon&Kiki. Great chemistry and they’re fun when their world doesn’t revolve around Morgan. I just want Kiki away from anything Corinthos. I want them to have a good story. Develop their relationship. More depth. No third party please. I do love the potential with their families…Tracy/Ava… :-)

    I want for her to begin to have a relationship with Liz. Or even her cousin Sam(Some people seem to have a problem with that). Same for Dillon. He’s a Quatermain after all. Tracy’s son. Interesting possibilities. Just want the writers to put some effort in them.

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