‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Wishful Drinking And Thinking


More #Curasam please!
More #Curasam please!

Jason, Sam and Curtis are continuing their investigation into Morgan’s death. Last week they stumbled onto some major weirdness when Curtis spied Rudge paying Julian visit, Jason stole the model ship from the pawn shop and Lucas translated Chinese. The takeout bag from the restaurant that used to inhabit the pawn shop’s location says “reincarnation” on it. The model ship has the same encryption. So what exactly does that mean? Obviously someone is coming back from the dead and whoever they are is behind Julian’s strange behavior and the bomb that killed Morgan. I loved seeing Lucas back on GH again. He’s been truly missed. I hope that GH sees the value in playing him more and that his relationship with Sam is developed. Brad wants to have kids and Lucas doesn’t. That would be a good story to actually watch onscreen.

There have been some complaints by fans about the story or possible lack there of for Jasam. For me, it felt like a better part of the year was used for the writers to find their footing with the pairing. After the awkward Jakson story ended, it was inevitable that Jason and Sam would be together. But who is Jason now and what does that mean for his relationship with Sam? We got a few different answers to that question before the writers finally landed on the best answer. Jason is now a PI and family man. He’s less tied to Sonny’s world and is creating a new life with his wife. Putting Curtis, Jason and Sam together was a smart move. The trio is entertaining as heck and have a nice chemistry. I’d like to see an official partnership with Sam and Curtis opening a PI business together.

Sweet Caroline

Nelle and Michael’s story started to pick up.
Nelle and Michael’s story started to pick up.

Much to Sonny’s horror, Michael and Nelle are growing closer. I find in perplexing that GH doesn’t see the value in investing in a grown-up version of Michael. Maybe that will change in 2017… Anyways, while Sonny and Carly are heading to reconciliation, Michael and Nelle’s attraction to each other has been slowly building. I don’t think Nelle planned on Michael and her becoming close but Sonny and Carly getting back together seems to be a big part of her scheme. They need to be happy and unsuspecting before she destroys them. Nelle’s motivation appears to be connected to Carly’s past because the baby rattle hiding in her music box says “Caroline” on it. Why would Nelle have Carly’s old childhood trinket? Is she somehow connected to Carly’s adoptive family?

It feels like Nelle’s story is starting to get some solid structure to it. It’s been a little hard to connect the dots in this mystery. We should have a better understanding of who Nelle is. Perhaps her box of pain should have made an appearance shortly after she turned up in Port Charles. I hope this story tightens up and moves at a better pace now. That can be said about a lot of GH really.

Scenes of the week: The guys get ready for Naxie’s wedding

Dante questions Franco

Lucas makes an appearance

Killon give in to their sparkle

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  1. I’m over Morgan’s death. LOL The story didn’t go the direction I hoped it would & I wasn’t really a fan of the character by the time he was killed off.

  2. I think it’s a little too late to adopt my suggestions but I hope that Liz ends up the hero of the story. Thanks for reading!

  3. Wow, I really hope that your Franco/Liz story suggestions are adopted. They’d be amazing.

  4. I hate that Anna got to solve the hospitals killing when Valerie and Jordan did all the leg work. I hate how the writers treated Valerie’s character. I want know why Valerie and Carly and Morgan and Michael never had scenes together. I can’t believe Morgan has gotten months of mourning which more then Nikolas has gotten.

  5. The bottom line is that Sabrina’s death and Julian’s attempt to murder Alexis were both EXTEMELY violent acts on-screen. The writers and producers CHOSE to do this. There’s simply no way to explain either action away. Worse for Alexis is that a violent husband WOULD tell his victim that he still LOVES her and to minimize his violence, which is the HORRIBLE message TPTB are sending right now. As viewers we have to stand up for women who are abused, and call this story out honestly.

  6. Thanks for commenting Matty! I‘m feeling pretty optimistic about Killon right now. It’ll be interesting to see what’s in store for them.

  7. I love Dillon&Kiki. Great chemistry and they’re fun when their world doesn’t revolve around Morgan. I just want Kiki away from anything Corinthos. I want them to have a good story. Develop their relationship. More depth. No third party please. I do love the potential with their families…Tracy/Ava… :-)

    I want for her to begin to have a relationship with Liz. Or even her cousin Sam(Some people seem to have a problem with that). Same for Dillon. He’s a Quatermain after all. Tracy’s son. Interesting possibilities. Just want the writers to put some effort in them.

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