Supergirl Review: ‘We Can Be Heroes’ Builds a (Space) Ship

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James’ motivation for becoming Guardian is understandable – he’s tired of being on the sidelines and feels he should do something to help the city. “The thing that you feel. That thing that makes you want to make everything better…I feel that too. And I always have. And I’ve tried so many different ways in my life to help people. Whether it’s career or friendship. But it’s just not enough. But this is. Now look, I was never meant to be in Superman’s shadow. Or yours. I am more me as Guardian than I’ve ever felt as James Olsen.”

Mehcad Brooks doesn’t get a lot of opportunity to go with the emotional, and when given an opening this time, he went for understated. He delivered his monologue passionately but sternly. I truly believed James’ point of view. I understood it.

However, Kara’s point of view for why it’s a bad idea I couldn’t disagree with. All it takes is one human error for James to die. He can’t survive it – not her like and not like Mon-El. Of course saying that name was a trigger for James, who used the previous incident as a way to blast Mon-El’s inexperience and blame him for the officer being injured. “He cares about himself. He cares about you. And that’s what he fights for,” snipes James.

Kara says Mon-El can change, but James can’t. She tells him he’ll never be strong enough for this life, wounding him in his man pride of course. “You do not get to decide who is a hero. And who are you to tell me how to be or who to be? I am meant for this.” Kara didn’t like his answer and basically threatened to stop him if he didn’t give up his crusade. Oh snap.

It was ironic he had the gall to be self-righteous about who gets to be a hero earlier in the night he was trying to disqualify Mon-El. Kara cares for James and doesn’t want to see him hurt. No, she doesn’t feel the same romantically as he does for her, and that’s what gets at James the most. He’s basically, “Look at me, I’m a hero now. Love me. Pick me. Choose me.” It’s sad, honestly.

Kara had some anger towards Mon-El as well. She criticized his recklessness and inability to follow orders. He says he was trying to protect her; she doesn’t need that. Kara questions Mon-El on why he’s working with her. Mon-El’s answer is unsatisfactory (“Because I should. I have these powers and I should use them). There’s some cute banter, with Mon-El denying again that he kissed her when he was sick. Ultimately, he can’t (or won’t) admit that he has feelings for her. All he knows is he wants to work with her. At this point they’re both exasperated. Just have sex already.

All this man-hurt inevitably leads to James and Mon-El being captured while attempting a rescue. Ugh, men. Kara saves the day of course, and in the process learns she was wrong about Livewire. She even lets her escape (for now) or not killing the man who kidnapped her.

Back at the DEO, Kara questions if things will go back to the way they were before. Both James and Winn turn her down, saying they won’t go back to sitting on the sidelines, but would love to work with Supergirl. Kara tells them both they were always heroes to her, and though she won’t stop them, she cannot and will not support them.

Last but not least, the episode closes with another Mon-El and Kara scene at her place. Mon-El finally admits to having feelings for Kara, and to kissing her. “It was okay that I was going to die, because I had gotten to kiss you. I, um…I saved you at the police station because I care about you,” he says starring into her deep blue eyes that he refers to as comets. “I’m not here to change your mind. I get that you don’t care about me.”

Kara says she does, but Mon-El cuts her off saying it’s not in the same way. And he’s okay with that. He just wants to keep working with her, and felt it was important for him to be honest about that. Now that he did, they can move past it.

It was the moment I’ve been waiting for, for what feels like forever. No, it wasn’t a kiss or a love-scene montage – it was a moment of truth. I know what it’s like to crush on your friend, to fight those feelings of love with every passing moment you spend together. For Mon-El to own up to his feelings was a huge step towards the future of whatever this thing between is between the two of them.

This is how you build a ship! Luckily for us, it’s a spaceship!

Favorite Line

“So cool. I know I don’t technically need a motorcycle, Jimmy, I am a very fast man, but I would very much like one. You know, where would I…where would I find a motorcycle. Is there a superhero discount?” – Mon-El.



  1. I personally love Karamel. I like James but they simply wrote Kara/James terribly & didn’t even try to showcase chemistry. Chris Wood is a great actor and I think Mon-El and Kara would be great together.

  2. Lol. I get why some people to don’t like them. I had my issues at first considering I was a big James/Kara fan in Season 1, but I realized James/Kara didn’t work once they were ready to put them together. There was something missing chemistry wise. I’m glad you commented though.

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