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Supergirl Review: ‘We Can Be Heroes’ Builds a (Space) Ship

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There’s a lot to be said about this week’s Supergirl episode. “We Can Be Heroes” was a definite improvement over last week’s offering, anchored by the strength of characterization and interpersonal development between Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Mon-El (Chris Wood).

After Livewire (guest star Brit Morgan) seemingly breaks out of prison, Supergirl is intent on recapturing her. It was amusing watching Kara refer to Livewire as her “nemesis”. Kara overreacts to Livewire’s escape, jumping to conclusions about her escape and is adamant she should have been locked up in the DEO, having lost all her humanity.

The plot twist would occur midway through the episode when Kara learns Livewire didn’t escape after all, she was kidnapped by a thugs of a mad scientist who was hell-bent on using her powers to make newer models. The only purpose he served was to connect Supergirl and Livewire with a common enemy and for Kara to learn Livewire still had humanity within her.

There’s a sub-plot with J’onn and M’gann that was beautifully acted but also super boring so forgive me for skipping over it this week.

The Main Focus

Photo Credit: The CW

James wasn’t pleased to learn Mon-El was training with Kara to be her partner. There’s always a whiff of jealousy in Winn and James’ tone when discussing Mon-El, which is expected considering their failed attempts to win the super blonde’s heart. In this episode, James’ jealousy manifested itself in anger towards the #Karamel team up.

The scene at CatCo showed just how sensitive he is towards Mon-El, and to an extend the blinders of Kara, when she was ranting about the stress of having a nemesis. James tried to reassure her she wasn’t alone in the fight to save the city, stating she has friends and help, and emphasizing she isn’t the only hero. She agrees, “Yeah, you’re right…I have Mon-El.” The mere mention of his name drew an eye roll.

“There’s a lot more important things than having powers to being a hero,” James says, scoffing in a way at Kara’s seemingly weighing having powers as a fundamental quality of being one. In that sense, I could agree with James. But then he took a personal jab at Mon-El that was dripping with jealousy. Continuing with his there’s more to being a hero comment, “Like wanting to make a difference or having the willingness to put yourself on the line for others. And I just think that Mon-El is the kind of guy that thinks about himself first.”

Let’s stop there.

James doesn’t know Mon-El. He hasn’t tried to get to know Mon-El. So how would he know that’s the kind of person he is? But wait, it gets better. When Kara defends Mon-El’s growth and says he’s doing a lot better in training, she asks James if he’s got something against him. Of course James denies it, then says, “I think he’s a fun guy, he’s just not a hero.”

Wow. Really? Who are you to decide that, James? Thankfully Kara asked him the same question. They wouldn’t be able to finish the discussion thanks to an attack. Of course the attack would feed James’ anger towards Mon-El.

Photo Credit: The CW

Mon-El is given an order to protect the cops while she battles the electric-powered goons. Mon-El does what he’s asked, even though he wants to be by Kara’s side helping her. When she gets overwhelmed by the tag-team, he breaks position to go back her up. Guardian arrives just as this is happening and helps usher the remaining cops to safety. An errant deflected attack by Mon-El sends a beam of electricity towards one straggling officer, which Guardian uses his shield to absorb the brunt of. The force blasts them both against an armored truck, knocking them out. It’s at this point when Kara learns James is The Guardian.

Kara was (rightfully) furious with James for moonlighting as the Guardian, even more so with Winn and Alex for not telling her about it. There was in the preceding scene to Kara and James one-on-one. James says he was going to come clean; Winn says he told James to tell her the night before; Alex one-ups them both by saying she told them to come clean weeks ago. Kara’s shocked at everyone seemingly being in on the secret.

Mon-El, always the socially awkward puppy goes, “Um, I didn’t,” while raising his hand. “I thought James was a professionally handsome desk person.” Aw, Monie.

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  1. I personally love Karamel. I like James but they simply wrote Kara/James terribly & didn’t even try to showcase chemistry. Chris Wood is a great actor and I think Mon-El and Kara would be great together.

  2. Lol. I get why some people to don’t like them. I had my issues at first considering I was a big James/Kara fan in Season 1, but I realized James/Kara didn’t work once they were ready to put them together. There was something missing chemistry wise. I’m glad you commented though.

  3. Hopefully the only future between Kara and Mon-El is one where Kara is with anyone but Mon-El.

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