General Hospital Spoilers: February 6-10 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Sam is approached by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Also: Nelle carries on with her scheme; Jason throws accusations; Anna seeks medical help. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of February 6, 2017.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Twisted Sister

Julian is helpless to his maniacal sister Olivia’s plans. Just what does Olivia have up her red silk sleeves? Will Julian face the consequences of his past? Meanwhile, Sam goes against Jason’s wishes. Alexis leans on her daughter for support during her trying times. Later, Sam gains the attention from someone posing as a friend. Sonny senses Jason is keeping something from him. Jason slings accusations.

Nelle’s charade continues. Will Carly gets a clue about Nelle’s mystery man? Sonny violates the terms of his house arrest and attempts to seek vengeance. Dante gets a break in the case. When he takes a suspect in for questioning, will he learn the truth?

Also this week:

Alexis counsels Lulu on her impending custody battle. Will the outlook be good for Lulu’s chances of full custody of Charlotte? Charlotte finds her mother overwhelming and is not too keen on the idea of having a relationship with Lulu.

Hayden is about to shake things up at the hospital but those already connected to GH may not take to her new approach. She turns to Micheal for assistance. Liz confronts Hayden and later Tracy makes some demands.

  • Dante questions Carly’s commitment.
  • Brad threatens Finn.
  • Anna’s memories become increasingly unsettling leading her to seek medical help.
  • Ava defends her actions.
  • Curtis’ doubts are confirmed.
  • Nina turns to Maxie for a favor.

Source Sneak Peek: February 13th-17th

Lulu is at the mercy of Valentin. Scott tries to calm Ava. Griffin grows suspicious of Finn. Dillon has a surprise for Kiki.

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  1. I hope to see Valerie soon. The Valerie pages I go to miss Valerie.

  2. charlotte custody battle and nelle stories for february sweeps? Not the way I would begin sweeps month….

    Glad to see Curtis, brad, griffin, scotty, and ava in previews, hopefully they’ll liven up the episodes for the loyal GH viewers.

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