‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: When I Get That Feeling

#Friz declare their love.
#Friz declare their love.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday General Hospital fans! I hope the team you were rooting for won and you ate a lot of awesome snacks. As for GH, there was a lot to cheer about this past week.

I’m very happy that GH decided to start out sweeps with a lot of loving. Kudos to the writers for adding romantic implications to every story line. Sonny continued to make questionable choices despite Carly’s concerns. Jason and Sam had a difference of opinions regarding family safety. The triangle between Curtis, Jordan and Andre got solid writing and shows potential. And even though a good chunk of their courtship has taken place offscreen, Ned and Olivia trying to figure out what the future status of their relationship should be was adorable. It was enjoyable and I watched a few episodes more than once.

General Hospital Week In Review for the episodes that aired January 30th-February 2nd.

Earn It

#Friz make love.

#Friz make love.

As a fan of Franco and Elizabeth, one of the genre’s currently most buzzed about pairings, I had a lot to be content about last week. And if the amount of fan-made videos set to sexy music that have popped up on YouTube this weekend are any indication, I’m definitely not the only happy fangirl.

The Tom Baker story had mixed reviews. There was stuff about it I liked and some areas I felt were lacking. The best part of the story was the aftermath of Tom’s murder. Focus was on how the situation effected Franco and Liz’s relationship and connecting it to Julian and Alexis’s story added some nice layers to it. Tom’s killer being his brother wasn’t a big shocker. It was kind cool though when Franco rushed to Liz’s rescue when Seth had her cornered. I was originally hoping that Liz would pepper spray Seth thus saving day. But the more I thought about it, it dawned on me that would work against how this story is suppose to go. It’s not how Beauty saves the Beast and becomes the hero of tale.

I think it was a smart move to have Franco and Liz on a break. It built up the longing and made it all the sweeter when they sealed their reunion with a kiss. It also lead to Liz setting a new rule for them – no more pressing the pause button. Not everyone will understand them and they’ll have conflict, but they’ll face those challenges together from now on.

Their consummation was well written and directed. The declaration of love and care that actors brought to it, made the scenes actual love scenes rather than just “sexy times”. There was vulnerability and hope. It’s refreshing to finally see Liz in love with someone who is madly in love with her back. I’m glad that Rebecca Herbst gets to play a bit of a more seductive version of Liz in this pairing. The scenes displayed a strong Liz, very much in control of her sexuality. Roger Howarth brought a lot of heart to the scenes. Franco couldn’t believe how lucky he was that Liz loves him and wants to be with him. This is a couple to root for.

Public Enemy

Liv continues to toy with Julian.

Liv continues to toy with Julian.

It wasn’t a surprise that Olivia Jerome a.k.a. Liv ended up being Alexis’s AA sponsor but I still like this twist. It’s kind of cool that the audience knows that Liv is up to know good while Alexis remains unsuspecting. Of course the only reason Liv is interested in Alexis is because of her connection to Julian. When Liv was on GH years ago, she wasn’t crazy. Julian had murdered her to stop her from saving Duke. Her death was a heroic one. Julian was the villain not her. The tables have been turned. Now she’s the nefarious one while he’s the helpless victim. It’s interesting food for thought how things ended up for both of them.

Julian isn’t his sister’s only target. She will go after Anna at some point. Plus she is the one who ordered the hit that killed Sonny’s son and Curtis, Jason and Sam are hot on her trial. What happens when the mob kingpin learns the truth? Jason wants to do the right thing and turn the responsible party over to the police but Sonny will want to enact his own brand of justice. I feel like at some point in the future this story will be about who will get to Liv first. In the meantime, can we get some Liv and Ava scenes please?

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  1. Thanks for commenting Susan! There has been a lot to get the heart beating on GH lately.

  2. Loved your whole review and you seem to feel the same way I do but express it so much better than I? Love the title! Insert wink here. I’m looking forward to Valntin most after our Franco Liz story and have to say Ned and Olivia scene was such a cute romp as well as the short Ned with Dillon. I think the writers are feeling the true pulse of GH and they have my blood pumping. Resuscitation so far successful. The patient seems to thriving. Bravo girl!

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