‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: When I Get That Feeling

#Friz declare their love.
#Friz declare their love.

A Different Man

Nina learns about Valentin’s past.

Nina learns about Valentin’s past.

The mystery and intrigue surrounding Valentin’s past, as well as present, is one of my favorite story lines right now. Anna’s rejection of him shaped him into the man he is now. Anna remembers things a bit more fondly. He was smart and, though she didn’t return his feelings, they were friends. While I believe this to be true, I also feel like there is more to the story. Why would Anna block this from her memory? Viewers are being shown a very sympathetic side to Valentin but there are moments when he gets a bit of an evil glimmer in his eyes that make me question if there is something very disturbing really going on.

Nina didn’t marry Valentin for love but I feel like she has fallen in love with him and at the moment that love is unconditional. She doesn’t care what he looked like in the past. Who he is beneath the surface is more important to her. She knows him as a charming gentleman and a caring father. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if the image she has of him were to ever be shattered. One thing is for certain, she isn’t amused by Anna inclusion in their life. Her feelings on the matter seem part protectiveness and part jealousy. I’m looking forward to seeing how this triangle plays out.

A Peaceful Man

Griffin and Anna discuss Valentin.

Griffin and Anna discuss Valentin.

I feel like Griffin is a well-defined character. I know he was raised by his religious mother, that he believes in seeing the good in people even when they aren’t very good, is open-minded (as evidence of his rarely mention friendship with the rarely seen Lucas Jones) and has a weakness for mischievous blonds. Griffin’s story lines however have not been very well-developed. Since his introductory story of a quad with Claudette, Nathan and Maxie fizzled, it feels like GH really hasn’t known what to do with him.

His inclusion in Valentin and Anna’s story has sparked my interest. Griffin is a peaceful individual who places a lot of value on forgiveness. He showed mercy to the man who murdered his father as he laid dying in a hospital room and rejected the idea of revenge against the Jeromes. Yet he has lost his temper in regards to Valentin a few times. His reason for this is a romantic one, believing Valentin to be responsible for the death of the woman he loved. The fact that Griffin and Claudette’s romance played on #GHOffscreen does kind of leave me a bit disconnected from Griffin’s emotions. But I am intrigued about what Griffin’s inability to forgive Valentin will mean for him. Will he eventually be able to let go of his rage? And if not what will that do to him since it goes against his values?

Couples of the week: Franco and Liz, Liv and Alexis, Valentin and Nina, Ned and Olivia, Anna and Griffin

Best dressed: Curtis and Jason

Quotes of the week: “The mac-n-cheese. It’s so much better than the Metro Court’s.”-Nina “Sold.”-Valentin

“Sam, I would like to try to make up for the 1,305 sleepless nights that I caused you.”-Franco

“I inspired you to remake your life.”-Anna

“Really where am I going to go. I’m wearing a gown.”-Franco

“I was a different man back then.”-Valentin “Different how?”-Nina

“I was a hunchback.”-Valentin

“Part of an illustrious club – Richard the third, Quasimodo, Igor, me.”-Valentin

“Julian and I are the last of our generation sadly. All of our siblings are gone. Dead.”-Ava

“I know some really gorgeous, beautiful people who are hideous inside.”-Nina

“If he does anything to hurt my daughter, I will kill him.”-Laura

“Good thing you’re here. Right? Like 20 minutes late and pointing your gun at the wrong guy but it’s a good thing you’re here.”-Franco

“I think what you meant to say is thank you because she solved her own case.”-Franco

“Where on Earth would I be if not beside you.”-Liz

“I’m sorry for making you feel that I wasn’t choosing you because I do choose you Andre.”-Jordan

“A relationship can’t be frozen in place. It’s one thing when you leave it and it’s another when you come back.”-Liz

“Alexis has very good taste…in decor.”-Olivia J

“I’m going to find out who killed Morgan and then I’m going to deliver them to the police.”-Jason

“You were married to two women at the same time.”-Dillon

“Thanks for not turning her in but don’t think for a minute that makes up for what you did to me.”-Sam

“Well I may be small but I’m not a wimp.”-Liz

“I was just trying to do Michael a favor but whatever.”-Joss

“So yes, all of that has crossed my mind.”-Liz “And?”-Franco “And it crossed right on out.”-Liz

“I know so much blah blah blah blah blah.”-Liv

“I’m aching.”-Franco

“Do be gentle…or not.”-Franco

Video of the week: Franco and Elizabeth make love.

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