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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Review: Top 5 Moments from ‘What Are You?’

Erika Doss/The CW

A lot happened on the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Unfortunately, one too many of those major moments happened off screen.

The episode title, “What Are You?”, served as a throwback to Elena getting the confirmation Stefan wasn’t human.

Except now, he is human.

And somehow, it doesn’t seem like that big of deal to people?

Let’s talk.

Erika Doss/The CW

#5 Matt travels back in time to ring hell’s bell

I’m still not feeling the mythology this season.

Maybe it’s my distaste for Matt, but I found myself tuning out a lot of the drama with the bell and the journal.

Long story short: way back when, Matt’s relative, Ethan, and Bonnie’s relative, Beatrice, were friends (or maybe more). They used the journal to code messages and planned to ring the bell to rid Mystic Falls from vampires.

Except Sybil and Seline showed up to ruin the fun. As we know, ringing the bell 12 times leads to hell on Earth. Also, there’s a super-secret way to kill Cade hidden in that journal.

I did enjoy the backstory for the 100 witches dying. Mainly because it reminded me of season three, and I loved season three. But also because I appreciate the writers taking the time to expand on that mythology.

I just didn’t like Matt being at the center.

#4 More suffering for Bonnie

Just in case any of you might have recovered from last week’s tragedy, the show doubled down in this episode on Bonnie’s grief.

My heart shattered when Bonnie started hearing Enzo’s voice. She assumed that meant there was a way to get him back, and for a moment, that determined spark we love so much reappeared. Because if anyone can drag Enzo back from hell, it’s Bonnie.

I love that Caroline sent Bonnie’s mom to her. Even if Abby’s pretty much the worst more often than not, she does love her daughter enough to try and be supportive. And since all of Bonnie’s friends remind her that another friend murdered her true love, it’s good that she has someone in her corner.

But, surprise! That wasn’t Bonnie’s magic returning after Enzo died. It was Bonnie’s grief triggering a door to hell. And according to Mama Bennett, it wasn’t Enzo reaching out, but something super evil. So she burned Enzo’s body to protect Bonnie.

Yikes. Probably the right thing to do because there’s enough evil running rampant. But she also seemed to destroy Bonnie’s last remaining hope of getting Enzo back. Not cool.

Also, please, please tell me that scene with Matt wasn’t foreshadowing a hastily thrown together romance between the two.

#3 Stefan’s human and everyone’s pretty chill about it

Was it just me or did it feel like the show glossed over the fact that Stefan’s human now?

I’m not saying we needed to see everyone’s drawn out reaction. But shouldn’t we at least have seen Stefan’s? Did he say anything to Bonnie after he woke up? Or did he just run to his car and drive away?

On the bright side, we got to watch Caroline using her vamp skills to save her fiancé from murder charges. Thank goodness for the initial hug in the interrogation room because things got a little too real from there for our tortured couple.

Stefan’s feeling guilty (as he should). But he took his pain out on Caroline (rude and uncalled for). However, as much as I love Caroline and her positivity, she did need the reality check. Not so much on the part where Stefan’s a murderer. She accepts that about him. But things are different now that he’s human.

Don’t get me wrong. I still want the June wedding as much as the next shipper. But they’re no longer two vampires marrying for eternity. She’s not going to age, and he’s going to grow old, and eventually, die. They both need to come to terms with that before moving forward with the wedding prep.

Erika Doss/The CW

#2 Damon protects Stefan

At least we got to see Damon’s reaction to Stefan being human.

He went into super big brother mode. He filled Caroline in (also off screen), and he struck a new deal with the devil.

Apparently the first one is null and void now that Stefan’s human? I’m not sad the brothers are free, but why would Cade give up Damon, too? It doesn’t make sense.

Of course he wanted the journal, which Damon set out to procure, even if it meant facing off with his former BFF Alaric one more time (side note: who was watching Lizzie and Josie? Everyone Alaric trusts was busy).

As his good deed, Damon saved Matt after he had a heart attack.

But his best scene in the episode came when Stefan returned home. He wanted to change before he talked to Bonnie. First, he wanted assurance from his big brother that things would be okay. Mainly, that he could somehow earn his way out of his eventual ticket to hell.

Damon knew the answer was no after his conversation with Cade. But he lied to Stefan and gave him the reassurance he needed. This scene reminded me of Damon comforting Stefan after their mother “died.” Stefan was that 10-year-old kid again. And Damon would say and do anything to make him feel better.

Plus, he knows he has to make peace with the fact that he’s going to die and he’ll have to live without him.

My heart, you guys.


Sometimes, I hate myself for paying so much attention to the opening credits.

It would have been a nice surprise to see Kai pop up at the end if I hadn’t seen Chris Wood’s name in the beginning, and spent the entire episode impatiently waiting for him to arrive.

But, whatever.


Yes, yes, sadistic killer, terrible person, bringing of death and destruction, blah, blah.

He’s the best villain the show’s ever had.

Yeah, I said it.

I assume Bonnie opened the door for him. And there’s zero doubt he’s going to undo Elena’s curse to start the process of bringing her back.

Plus, he wants to kill Cade.

All good things, if you ask me.

Yes, there will be a catch. Yes, it’s probably bad for our heroes.

BUT KAI’S BACK!!!!!!!!!

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