‘Days of our Lives’ Week In Review: Spring Haze

Eric and Jennifer eagerly anticipate their date, but things don't go quite as planned.

Flowers in the Rain

Adrienne finally chooses between Lucas and Justin.

It’s one thing when your B story trumps your A story, but to have your C and D stories have sweeter romance and better characterization is just wild. Not to mention bad for business. Above any of the other couples DAYS made us watch this last week, Abe Carver and Valerie Grant as well as Adrienne Johnson and her suitors stood out for better reasons. Even though these stories weren’t perfect either, they had more enjoyable elements than the stories that were supposed to be the main. Like finding an oasis after trekking for days through the desert, these little blips of romance were nice touches that deserve more attention than they’ve been getting.

I’ve said it from the start, Vanessa A. Williams’ Valerie Grant is just so good. Sure, the age of the character is off which then throws off the timeline of others but when Williams opens her mouth to speak or smile, you cannot help but to smile too. That same aura is clearly infectious as James Reynolds’ Abe Carver feels sunnier than ever, no longer just a character that had to pop in every now and then, a wandering widower who was also the mayor and sometimes a cop. This is a good example of a romance helping to bring purpose to a character; it doesn’t work with every character though. Abe was a character that only revolved around his job; so many other Salemites only revolve around the bedroom so they need further development elsewhere. Abe needed a lady!

This last week they professed their love for one another and I couldn’t have been happier. Unfortunately, we only ever see the couple every now and then but every time feels so fresh and sweet. It’s incredible that the two actors had no chemistry testing before filming together and have found this amazing groove. Abe and Valerie took their time, they rekindled their friendship, they dated and now she’s planning on staying in Salem after returning Abe’s feelings. I think I almost cried when he admitted to being unsure of finding love again after Lexie Carver passed away in 2012. The two of them were solid for so long, he really retreated into himself when she passed but Valerie is making him bloom anew. The two of them truly deserve much more screen time. Come July, we better get that!

Adrienne also pulled through her mastectomy this last week, only to have to make yet another major life decision. Did anyone else feel it a little inappropriate to have this woman decide on a life partner after going under the knife to fight a life risking disease? Unsurprisingly, Adrienne chose Lucas because Justin can be a bit of a pompous asshole. Oh, and he definitely cheated on her more than once, right? He may have brought her a sandwich that one time she was sick in the hotel room but what’s that to an affair?

I would have liked the outcome either way but I’m sort of bummed she went with Lucas! The two of them were cute at the start but suddenly they became a serious couple when we never saw much of their dates or getting to know each other. One minute they were fooling around and the next they were engaged. I can’t be emotionally invested in this story because we were never doled any material to invest in. I was hoping that if Adrienne chose Justin, then Lucas could find his way to Anne Millbauer like it’s been subtly teased these last few months. Now that would be some good classic soap! Jennifer would rage if she knew her brother was shacking up with her longtime nemesis and viewers would probably eat it right up. But instead Lucas and Adrienne are back on and Justin is… well, he’s out there now.

Is Kassie DePaiva’s Eve Donovan coming back soon?

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