‘Days of our Lives’ Week In Review: Train To Nowhere

Brady and Nicole make love, unaware a threat is headed their way.

Days of Our Lives two years ago may have been dark and rife with murder, but at least characters being gloomy fit the bill. Per Ken Corday, the show needed to lighten up and Dena Higley was to usher us into the light again – but even now, there’s nothing but sadness in Salem. Everyone is so gloomy and downright bored. These characters continue to spin around in circles with nothing at all to do. This last week in Salem felt a lot like being on a train to nowhere. There were random stops and starts, twists but no investments, all of it amounting to just an endless cycle of a whole lot of meh. Again, the story ideas aren’t necessarily bad but they’re never given anything other than the absolute shallow treatment. It makes for gloomy watching too. Anyway, onto some of the highlights of this last week in Salem, USA!

Week in Review for Days of Our Lives episodes airing April 24th – 28th.

No, Canada!

At this point, I am no longer surprised that Nicole Walker and Brady Black are holed up in this Canadian log cabin. The writers have done the utmost to try and make these two a viable couple again, erasing all the years of them vowing to be just friends or being each other’s support systems. Now that they’re on the run and Brady’s wife is in the wind, it’s of course time for that platonic title to fall from their relationship because he’s spent a few days with her and now he’s in love again. Eric Martsolf and Ari Zucker will forever have smoldering chemistry but does it show when the story is this contrived, this silly? Not at all. Instead it just makes everyone want to fast forward to get away from it all.

There is nothing wrong with saccharine romance, it’s expected from soap operas but has also been missing from soap operas in recent years. For while, DAYS was just darkness at every turn and mind you, no one on this show is happy except for these two doofuses in the cabin in the woods because suddenly the were back in love! I burst out laughing during Nicole’s speech about her love for Brady not at all being motivated by the fact he has a part of dirty Dr. Daniel Jonas inside of him when it was just a few months back that exactly that happened. Awful Deimos Kiriakis felt threatened by the fact the the love of his love’s life lived on in her ex while we had to watch scenes of confused longing across rooms by Brady and Nicole. Thank God that stopped. In the hands of a capable writer, that could have been the perfect cheesy but heart wrenching soap goodness that fans would eat up but we all know that’s not what DAYS had. I think I almost would have believed it more had Nicole fallen for Brady again because of Daniel’s heart and that while Brady’s mind was on Theresa, his foreign heart beat for Nicole. Instead we get Nicole comparing herself to a wet rag and Brady just saying she isn’t one. That’s it. That’s the romance.

Almost like when last week Brady barely made a move or even threatened to move knowing a child porn fanatic loved next door to his home with two children. It’s just all so weak.

By the time Nicole and Brady were dreamily chatting about watching sunrises together and growing their family, I was praying hard for Xander Cook to finally show up. I’d read every spoiler up to this point, ecstatic for when this overly happy and contrived bubble Bricole was living in was finally going to pop. And pop it did! Brady took a bullet like I always wanted him to after telling Nicole not to confront the man that sneaked into their home while they daydreamed about Home Depot (or Log Cabin and Moose Antler Central, as it’s probably known in DAYS’ Canada). It was incredibly dumb and very misogynistic to see but that’s always been Brady to me; abrasive, chauvinistic and a bully until the woman gave it up to him, then he toned it down just a little.

Had Nicole been written correctly this whole time, I’d be upset to see her happy ever after be blown up by a vengeful Xander, I would have thrown aside my distaste for Brady and even been upset at the incredibly sexy Xander for putting my girl in danger. This is exactly what every Nicole fan has always wanted for her but since being written out of character, most people just want the worst for her. And I am one of them. Knowing that Xander is locking this whimpering shadow of a once force of a woman in a cage is what’s driving me for next week. I don’t think I’d care too much if he just left her there either.

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