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Gays of Our Lives: A Dangerous Neighbourhood

In this week’s Gays of Our Lives….

  • Jez and Mickey get closer on Casualty.  But Jez may be about to discover that romance with Mickey could be dangerous.
  • Todd and Billy face a big decision on Coronation Street and what they decide could ruin their relationship.
  • On Rownd a Rownd, Rhys and David fight about David still being with his girlfriend, but Rhys has bigger woes when his fraud is exposed and he’s arrested.
  • Aaron tells David they don’t have a future on Neighbours, but when David’s life is a risk, will Aaron finally admit how he feels about the doctor?
  • Paul and Sonny consider new living arrangements on Days, but Sonny’s obsession with Demois could ruin their possible plans.

All this – and more!


Casualty (U.K.)

Wow.  That was a pretty intense hour with lots of good acting.  I know the show had been teasing the death of a regular character, but I didn’t think it would be Cal.  I’m going to guess Ethan will turn away from Alicia again, thinking that his brother was dying while Ethan was busy getting busy with Alicia.  That kind of guilt is going to be hard to get over.

As for the Jez and Mickey stuff, it’s pretty obvious they’re going to have an affair, especially since Mitch Hewer is going to be making regular appearances.  But will Jez take it seriously?  Just two weeks ago he was sleeping with Elle’s son and dating the nurse at the hospital.    Or will Jez finally fall in love?

Either way, I bet that Mickey probably finds out his brother killed Cal and he’ll struggle to keep the secret to protect his brother, until Scott finds out about Jez and Mickey and makes Jez his next target.

BTW, I realize that Scott was a racist murderer, but the actor playing him was hot.  LOL…

Coronation Street  (U.K.)

So Todd and Billy really need a storyline, but the only one the show can come up with is giving them a child?  I hate this kind of lazy, lazy writing for gays.  Every gay character on tv eventually winds up raising kids.  There are so many other stories that can be told, why this?  And we know where this is headed.  

Todd will not want to do it, he and Billy will fight about it.  Eventually, Todd will reluctantly agree to do it and after a lot of drama they’ll be two happily gay parents.  I mean the show already told us that not wanting kids makes you a bad person by the derisive comments about Drew’s ex-boyfriend who left because he didn’t want to be a dad.  I don’t like that either.  Some people, gay or straight just don’t want children.  It doesn’t make them bad or selfish or shallow.

So predictable.  They can do better than this.

Days of Our Lives  (U.S.)

Days dressing Sonny like a middle aged mob boss is ridiculous.  He looks so silly in those suits and I’m weary of his raging about Demois.  This has been such an awful plot arc for Sonny.  Please let the new writing change Sonny back into the likeable guy we’ve known.

Why is Paul moving into a Bed and Breakfast?  There are no apartments for rent in Salem?  He’s moving into a room?   He’s a grown man with a good job.  That makes no sense.  But Paul and Sonny shouldn’t be moving into together anyway.  They say their in love, but what we see on screen certainly doesn’t show it.   I guess that’s the writing/directing, but they could still make us believe these two are deeply in love even if the show insists on keeping the physical affection on a non-existent level.  I just don’t buy this relationship. Not anymore.  There was a time when these two had terrific chemistry.  But that was two regimes ago when they were actually allowed to interact like lovers would.


Greenleaf  (U.S.)

Kevin should stop being so shady to Charity.  He’s gay.  Why should she stay in the marriage?  She could have outed him and caused all kinds of trouble.  Instead she’s being fair and civil.  He needs to be grateful and stop acting like the hurt party.  He went into the marriage lying.  She didn’t.

Besides, Kevin isn’t wasting any time moving on following his divorce.  He clearly went looking for Aaron because he’s interested in him.  So maybe it’s time he quit with the bitterness and let Charity live her life, he’ll live his and they’ll co-parent.  I suspect though Kevin will act a fool and that’ll lead a custody battle.  And that’s the last thing he should want.


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