‘Famous in Love’ Review: Fake Smiles and Blackmail Bargains

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Rainer and Jordan’s bromance might be back on track after the latest episode of Famous in Love.

At least until Rainer finds out his bestie is bedding his mom. Or until the boys learn Tangey’s landed a role in Locked. Or until the inevitable triangle with Paige…

Whatever. I’m always here for a good bromance and the second Rainer showed concern for Jordan, I was onboard.

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

“Not So Easy A” brought the cast of Locked together for their first photo shoot. Tensions sprang up all over the place thanks to the new studio head demanding Nina knock $3 million off the film’s budget.

Plus, Alexis hates Paige, Rachel’s not happy with Alexis, and things are not going well in Paige’s efforts to balance the movie with school.

We also learned the identity of Jordan’s mysterious blackmailer. Show of hands: who was surprised when she turned out to be his mother?

Agreed—not a huge shock, but that’s okay. I’d still like to know more about his past. It can’t be as simple as him coming from humble beginnings, right? That’s the kind of story Hollywood loves. So there must be dirt there.

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

And speaking of dirt, Nina continues to be the best (even if she’s kind of the worst). She came through with the rest of the money Jordan needed AND she planted cocaine on his mom to keep her out of the picture. Underhanded and slightly evil, yes, but Jordan’s mom was blackmailing her own son so she deserved it.

But Nina should be taking care of her son. I don’t think Rainer’s a saint by any means, but at least he’s trying. He agreed to a pay cut for his mom’s sake, but she left out the part where Jordan wasn’t taking one. Awkward. I agreed with Rain when he told Nina she needed to remember to be his mom rather than his producer.

Rainer and Paige continue to make me smile. I cringed a little when they almost kissed last week (too soon!), but the pacing appears back on track. I like that he felt guilty for losing his cool. But what I liked even more was Paige pointing out she’s not the one he owed an apology. More of this dynamic, please.

I could do without the Paige/Alexis rivalry, but I do feel for Alexis, even when she’s being awful to Paige. She’s in a tough spot. She knows Hollywood will spit her out if she doesn’t make a comeback. And since she’s used to other people using her, of course her instinct is to be manipulative right back.

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Could Jake change things for her? Maybe. They might be similar to Paige and Rainer in that aspect. Yes, she’s using him because she thinks starring in an indie could help her career. But Jake is genuine. And she could use someone like that in her life. Except for the part where he’s in love with Paige…

But things are going downhill fast for the three roommates. I know Paige didn’t mean to dump all her work on her friends. That doesn’t make it any less of an awful thing to do. Especially when she didn’t even bother to call, and let them know she wouldn’t make it home in time. I don’t blame Jake for being mad.

Although, I don’t think Cassie deserved any of the ire tossed her way. Yes, she knew about Paige’s mistake with Alexis. But she only learned about it because she called Paige for help when Jake tried to change his major. She’s truly the odd woman odd at the moment, and that’s not fair.

Finally, I love that Rainer gave Paige good advice on how to negotiate with Nina. She stood her ground, and Nina respected that. But does anyone think she’ll be able to handle school and filming? Something’s going to give fast, and it’s not likely to be the role in the film. Still, I appreciate her trying to have it all.

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