‘Famous in Love’ Series Premiere Review: Are You Somebody?

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Paige Townsen (no d) scored the role of a lifetime on the series premiere of Freeform’s latest drama Famous in Love.

After a push from her BFF, Paige landed the role of August, a girl in the center of a Twilight-style love triangle, in the certain-to-be-a-megahit movie Locked. As her best guy friend exclaimed, this will change her life.

While Famous in Love suffered the standard pilot kinks (awkward chemistry, overzealous line delivery, and too much telling rather than showing), the series delivered on its potential for addictive, soapy drama.

Meet Paige, Cassie, and Jake

Roommates and BFFs, Paige, Cassie, and Jake are super supportive of each other. Cassie wants to be an actress, Jake writes plays, and Paige studies Econ to please her parents, but acting is her dream career, too.

Paige and Jake have been dancing around their feelings for each other. Cassie urges Paige to “rip the tag off”, but once she does, Cassie appears to have second thoughts.

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Will this be a momentary pang of jealousy or a friendship-destroying issue? Time will tell. Cassie handled Paige getting the part like a true friend so maybe this won’t be the typical jealous best friend story.

But what’s going on between Cassie, or should I say Lacey, and Brody? The scenes were brief, cloaked in mystery, and underlying creepiness. In other words, a great setup for a potential subplot.

As for Jake and Paige’s romance, I’m guessing it will be short-lived now that she’s being thrust into Hollywood. And considering the lack of chemistry between the two, I am all for this romance being swept under the rug.

Of course Jake might find his way to Hollywood, too, after an agent’s assistant requested his screenplay.

What Really Happened Between Rainer and Jordan?

Young movie stars Rainer Devon and Jordan Wilder went from being best friends to Rainer punching Jordan in the face. The story floating around is that Jordan hooked up with Rainer’s girlfriend, singer Tangey Turner.

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

But that’s not the real story, or at least not the whole story, according to the tense conversation between the two.

Thanks to Rainer’s mom, Nina Devon, who also happens to be Locked’s producer, the two guys will be forced back into each other’s space as the play their parts in the triangle. And considering we watched Paige kiss each of them in her auditions, safe money is on a real life triangle happening offscreen as well.

So far, Rainer’s taking the lead in the race for Paige’s heart. While Jordan remained aloof during the audition, Rainer offered praise, advice, and then took her out for coffee afterward. But are his feelings genuine?

Or is he more interested in the idea of getting close to someone untainted by Hollywood?

Let’s Talk about Nina

Was anyone else getting Quinn King (UnREAL) vibes from Nina? Like Quinn, Nina is a take no prisoners kind of producer. Despite her big name, she’s desperate for the movie to be a hit. That’s why she wants Rainer and Jordan on the movie posters.

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

It’s also why she created the casting publicity stunt. They planned to go with a known actress, but Paige’s chemistry with the boys was too good to pass up.

Nina goes out of her way to protect Rainer when a gossip host, who happened to be a former employee, insinuated her son might be drinking again (he’s not). As much fun as it was watching Nina be a badass, is anyone else suspicious of her motives?

I’m not convinced this is about Rainer’s best interests so much as it making sure the movie is a success.

Mainly, because NINA AND JORDAN ARE HOOKING UP!!!!!! What?! My jaw fell to the floor when that revelation hit (definitely not in the books). Does Rainer know? Is this the real reason they fought?

I have a feeling it’s not. I think Rainer would be a lot colder to his mom if he knew the truth.

Alexis and Dakota

The two Hollywood ladies who were supposed to be vying for the part of August are actually in a secret relationship with each other. Another great twist, especially since we saw Alexis sleep with Jordan (does Nina know about that?).

I’m hoping we’ll get a good story here, and not a shock value subplot.

For now, we don’t know much about Dakota (other than she’s not afraid to make a scene in public). As for Alexis, her career’s in trouble. She’s worried about losing her manager, and Locked would have been a huge role for her.

What’s going to happen now that she didn’t get it?

A Glimpse of the Future

The bookends of the episode showed us Paige’s first taste of Hollywood, when she arrived at Rainer’s party, and no one knew who she was or why she was there. A great contrast to the start of the hour, which kicked off a year into the future where Paige is definitely somebody on the paparazzi’s radar.

But which of her two costars is she famously in love with? The paparazzi shouted questions relating to both guys so it’s anyone’s guess.

(As of now, #TeamRainer).

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