General Hospital Spoilers: April 24-28, 2017 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Tracy looks for guidance. Also: Carly makes a life altering decision; Nina confides in Nelle; Hayden gets some bad news; Jason struggles with his faulty memory. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of April 24, 2017.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Drawn and Quartermained

The drama continues for the Quartermaines! Olivia makes a plea for Leo’s sake. Laura is shocked by Tracy’s actions. What has the Quartermaine matriarch so anxious? Will Tracy listen to reason? Meanwhile, Monica buys time for Ned and the Quartermaines win a temporary stay of execution. Faced with a tough decision, Tracy searches for advice from above. Look for some familiar faces from her past to help guide her future.

War of the Roses

Sonny’s attack on Jax hasn’t helped his chances of reconciling with his wife. A scornful Carly makes a decision that will impact their lives. Look for things to get messy as they move ahead with their divorce. Michael finds himself surprised by his mother. Sonny is alerted by Diane about Carly’s claim on his assets. Will Sonny be able to turn the tables in his favor or will he make a costly mistake?

Also this week:

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Anna continues to spy on Valentin. Will Valentin get caught in her deception? When Nina’s suspicions grow, she finds a confidant in Nelle.

Ava is plagued by a guilty conscience and regret for what happened to Morgan. Look for the femme fatale to make a surprising new connection with someone who could set her on the right path. Lucy contemplates coming clean while Ava has a moment of triumph. Scott puts together a strategy to ensure nobody gets caught.

In light of recent events, Jason wonders if there is something he’s forgotten about his past that could help Jake. Will he be able to figured out the identity of the scarecrow? Jason wrestles with his guilt.

  • Dante and Lulu celebrate.
  • Jax does his best to be persuasive.
  • Hayden receives disappointing news.
  • Nathan grows impatient.

Source Sneak Peek:

Jason sets aside his personal misgivings. Tracy’s bond with Monica is stronger than ever. Ava finds herself at the right place, at the right time. Nathan is disappointed.

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  1. I really hope some good ava, griffin and nathan scenes are coming while we still have maura west, matt and nathan on cast. Glad they’re in the previews.

    Thrilled samira isn’t mentioned for the Tracy exit and I hope I can enjoy the last 10 days of Jane Elliot with some Q’s on screen.

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