‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: I Want To See You Be Brave

Jason and #Friz disagree about Jake.
Jason and #Friz disagree about Jake.

General Hospital had a fairly strong week. There was a lot of soapiness that had me wondering what’s next for the people of Port Charles. There were couples longing for one another, marriage proposals, one major break-up, the beginning of a few of mysteries that actually appear to be well thought out and family drama. After some questionable story choices, I feel like the show is getting back on track again.

Michael Fairman posted an interview with the recently Emmy-nominated Nancy Lee Grahn. It’s a good read especially for those who want her take on her current story line such as where Julexis stands now. When asked about Alexis’ downward spiral, Grahn stated “I wouldn’t say you are not strong, because you are flawed. It’s boring playing walking around being functional all the time. I don’t want to go back and play somebody that has it all together.” I share a similar view on how women on soaps should be written, in particular the ones on GH. I understand the frustration at the imperfections, a.k.a. weaknesses, that plague the ladies of Port Charles. There’s a lot a catty comments that one could say about the female characters but there’s some truth to those comments. Yet, it doesn’t seem fair to have such demands of perfection placed upon the women, especially when their male counter-parts are allowed more flexibility. They can’t be strong, smart and caring all the time or there would be no story. It’s the overcoming of flaws that turns the women into the heroines of their stories, making them not only relatable but possible role models. They have to eventually be brave enough to do this though. Here’s hoping we get some acts of female badassery soon.

I wasn’t able to write about everything that happened last week. If there is something I did or did not mention that you would like to share your thoughts on, please leave a comment or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review is for the episodes that aired March 27-31st.

Peace, Love and Understanding

Sam and Liz have a tricky relationship. Even though they have become more civil recently, they still have a nasty history together and maybe not the best opinions of one another. In the situation with Jake however, both Sam and Liz are taking on the roles of peacemakers. When Jason was told about Jake’s strange behavior, he wasn’t sure how to respond initially and went on the defense as a result. He suggested to Liz that she had made a mistake in letting Franco do art therapy with Jake and that their son would be better off living with him. I don’t believe Jason ever meant that he wanted to take Jake away – it was just words said in anger. But it was enough to make Liz rethink having Franco move in. Jason looked to his wife for advise on the situation. Sam wasn’t 100% #TeamLiz but she did understand where Liz was coming from as a mother. She convinced Jason to back off and put some of his feelings aside for Jake’s sake.

Liz didn’t say yes or no.

Liz didn’t say yes or no.

One of the many differences between Sam and Liz is that Sam will fearlessly go after what she wants while Liz rarely does. There is a bit of divide as to whether Liz should have told Jason to go to hell or taken a step back in her relationship with Franco. To her credit, she’s in a bit of rock and hard place right now. She really wants Franco to be a permanent fixture in her family’s life but doesn’t want a war with Jason to take away from Jake’s needs. Would it have been nice for Liz to tell Jason that since he isn’t Jake’s legal father, he has no say? Maybe but would it have helped Jake? I think the writers are ignoring that bit of history anyways… Some fans felt that Franco’s proposal to Liz was about him responding, in his typic over-the-top fashion, to being sidelined in Liz’s family drama. But I saw it more from Liz’s point of view. She isn’t just denying Franco by putting things on hold, she’s putting her own desires and needs on the back burner. She really wants Franco to be an active part of both her present and future. She asked him to move in with her because she wants to fall asleep with him next to her every night and for him to see the kids off to school with her in the morning. When Franco asked her to married him, she wanted to say yes. I think though that Liz is really terrified for her son and thus afraid to be too bold. She doesn’t know what the situation is with Jake or how best to resolve it yet. So I get her choice but I hope she will go after some much deserved happiness when the time is right.


Sam has been in family mode lately, not only taking care of her two little ones but also helping her mother cope with alcoholism and the loss of Julian. When Alexis received a strange call, Sam went on the case. The call came from a pay phone at a gas station near the bridge where Julian took his tumble. The peculiar coincidence lead Sam and Alexis to ponder the possibility that the call could have come from Julian. I really like the romantic way that Alexis’ visions of Julian are being played. She still loves him and she hasn’t forgotten that he loved her. It’s also cool that their daughter is the one who will follow the clues and likely discover what happened to Julian. I know many fans will disagree with me but I’m not sure if I want Julian to be alive now. This is such a bittersweet way to end things for Julian and Alexis, leaving the final images of Julian in a positive light.  I’d be afraid to have Julexis messed up again.

Alexis remembers the Julian that loved her.

Alexis remembers the Julian that loved her.

I feel like having Julian gone would be a good catalyst for Alexis getting her life back together. She has some resolution now to what went wrong in her relationship with him and is free to move on. She continues to struggle with her alcoholism but has the support of her daughters and an unlikely frenemy in Ava. Now would be a good time for her to rise from the ashes, get her law license back and maybe take up a few good causes. If they are going to bring Julian back into her life again, have him return when she’s changed and least expects it.

Jenn Bishop
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  1. If Franco were anyone besides the man who terrorized Jason and Sam, sexually assaulted Sam, strapped her and Lulu to bombs, facilitated the rape of Michael in prison, kidnapped Liz’s son Aiden and is a sociopath, then yeah, Liz might have a leg to stand on with regards to Jake’s well being. But he was and did all of those things and he’s NOT Jake’s father. Franco needs to stand down and let Jake’s parents help the kid. You say that Jason isn’t Jake’s legal parent, where did you get this information? Because it appears Liz has designated him as such and there’s a custody agreement. BTW, Jason never threatened to take Jake away from Liz. He said that maybe they need to revisit the custody agreement. So either Liz wants Jason to be Jake’s father or she doesn’t. She can’t have it both ways. Jason has a legitimate problem with Franco. The show and the character of Liz needs to stop making Jason the bad guy in this story. Franco is an abhorrent character. He was never meant to be a permanent fixture on the show and should have remained dead. Personally, I wish they would change Jake’s paternity and put us all out of our misery. That way the female audience won’t be continually insulted by Franco getting in Sam’s face and acting like he’s the wounded party because Jason and Sam are mean to him. Boo, hoo.

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