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‘The Originals’ Review: Daddy Daughter Drawing Day

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Klaus and Hope reunited on The Originals.

And it was everything.

If you’re a regular reader of my reviews, you probably know by now that my love for this show isn’t what it used to be. And that’s okay. That’s the cycle of a TV show. They can’t all be The Vampire Diaries.

But I still love the Mikaelson family. The characters are the reason I keep watching. Whether they’re arguing on the porch or plotting their escape, their dynamic makes tuning in worthwhile.

“Haunter of Ruins” gave us an important backstory. Not only Vincent’s, but Eva’s, and how it led to the current evil targeting the children of New Orleans. We’ll get to the mythos later. Right now, let’s talk about the emotional good stuff.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Hope was uncomfortable around Klaus at first. And who could blame her? She woke up to find an entire family of strangers on her porch.

I loved Hayley’s fairytale prince analogy. We all have ideas of how things will be in our heads. Reality rarely lives up to it.

But a child imagining her father for five years—being confronted with the real thing is a lot to process.

For once, after the tiniest of temper tantrums, Klaus reined in his rage, and slowly approached Hope as she painted.

She knew all about the shared talent so it was only natural for her to offer him a piece of paper to paint, too. If you’re anything like me, your heart melted then and there.

The father-daughter bonding session continued. Hope revealed she used her magic sometimes when she healed a butterfly (I love that she thought Hayley didn’t know, but Mama Wolf knows all). Hope told Klaus she knew how strong he was, and he promised to always protect her. Then, she hugged him. Go ahead. You can admit you were crying as you watched.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Meanwhile, Hayley was having a crisis of conscious thanks to Freya’s insistence they keep Keelin prisoner in the barn.

She did some bad things over the past five years in the name of protecting her family, but she still felt guilty for turning on a werewolf.

Elijah understood, and encouraged Hayley to let Keelin go. Freya, on the hand, accused Hayley of betraying the family.

Like most arguments on the show, I can see where they’re both coming from. Freya wants to protect her family above all else. Hayley does, too, but there’s no need to torture Keelin forever. I’m glad Elijah ended the argument by siding with Hayley. But I’m not really mad at Freya for going after Keelin (I am always Team Mikaelson).

But the ladies may have come to a new deal. Since Keelin somehow used her medical knowledge to lessen her werewolf abilities, Freya thinks the combination of magic and skill might be what they need to take down Marcel.

(Side note: does anyone else think these two are going to fall in love? It’s a classic trope: enemies to allies to lovers).

Speaking of lovers, ELIJAH AND HAYLEY, you guys! They finally exchanged “ILYs”! First, Elijah set up a romantic dinner, and they talked. It reminded me of season one when they were getting to know each other, and opened up. They see the good in each other, and they accept the bad, and they’re in love. Plus, they found time to get naked together.

(We all know something will make this fall apart sooner rather than later because that’s how TV works, but let’s just bask in it for now).

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Rebekah and Kol decided to leave town. No big surprise—the actors aren’t series regulars (boo).

But, we did get one of the best Klaus/Rebekah scenes ever out of it. She still wants a family of her own.

Now that he has Hope, he understands why. For once, they’re parting on good terms.

In a surprising twist, after complaining about being stuck together for 1,000 years, Kol and Rebekah opted to leave town together.

I love that the Mikaelsons are so codependent that even when they want to get away from each other, they can’t. It’s fun to imagine all the adventures these two will have—and hopefully one of those adventures will bring them back into the family fold.

Now, we have to circle back to Vincent and Marcel. In a series of flashbacks, we saw Vincent and Eva before she went crazy. They were happy, in love, and expecting a baby. The only problem was this was circa season one when Marcel ruled the Quarter with an iron fist to keep the witches in line. So Vincent turned to an obscure, dangerous magic in order to find a way to fight him.

I’m not 100 percent sure how this worked. Possibly because it involved snakes and I closed my eyes a lot. But what Vincent did, drove Eva insane. For some reason, the evil left him alone. But only temporarily—Eva warned him it would come back for him. And that evil would affect everyone and anyone it wanted to in the Quarter. Like the witch who was holding the kids hostage, and Detective Will, who re-kidnapped the kids after Vincent and Marcel rescued them.

In doing so, Vincent discovered a fifth child was being affected: Hope Mikaelson. We saw her glimpsing the mystery blue lights, and she told Klaus she wasn’t feeling well right before a nose bleed started. Freya recognized magic at work, but they didn’t get their answers until Marcel allowed Vincent to send a note to Hayley. The Mikaelsons need to return to NOLA so Vincent can cure Hope.

Odds are it won’t be simple. But I love that no matter how much Marcel hates them, he will always protect children first. I also loved Vincent pointing out Hope was practically his sister. So the Mikaelsons are headed home. And Marcel will step up to help because it involves children and his city. Which means we’re on track toward the eventual team up and possible reconciliation—at least until Marcel finds out Freya’s plotting to murder him.

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