‘Famous in Love’ Review: Green Screen Glitches

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Paige discovered set life, and starring in a major movie with millions of dollars on the line, was harder than she imagined on Famous in Love.

In addition to Paige’s first days of shooting, “Prelude to a Diss” took the time to focus on Tangey. We finally learned more about her life other than being the girl who came between Rainer and Jordan.

Cassie also received more time in the spotlight than usual. Her story is breaking my heart. Brody is no longer the only creepy man in her life. Desperate for tuition money, she took on another client, who wanted way too much from her. And then she had no choice other than to sell an expensive gift from Paige.

I feel terrible for her. But I also understand where she’s coming from, and why she won’t tell Paige, or anyone else, what’s happening. And even at her lowest point, she’s still there for her best friend every time she needs her.

(Freeform/Tony Rivetti)

Paige would repay the favor if she knew the extent of Cassie’s suffering. I’m curious how and when the truth will come out. And we know it’s only a matter of time before it’s revealed. The only question is how much worse will things get for Cassie before it does?

As for Tangey, she was all about going after what she wanted, starting with Jordan. It turns out her feelings for him are real, and she assumed his reconciliation with Rainer meant things were off limits. Rainer gave his friend the greenlight, and meant it, but Jordan’s holding back because of Nina.

You guys know I love Nina, but nothing about her relationship with Jordan is healthy. And he wants to be with Tangey, too. Or at least he started to tell her that’s what he wanted before Nina returned (off screen). So what’s keeping him with Nina? Loyalty? Mommy issues? Knowing Rainer’s never going to forgive him for this one so what the hell? I need to know.

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In addition to her love life, Tangey took control of her career. Against her mom’s wishes, she debuted a country song on Conan, and fired her mom when she voiced her objections. This one’s a bit of a tough spot. Stage mom or not, her mother made valid points about the struggle she’s facing as a black, female country artist.

But I’m proud of Tangey for trying to do things her way. Maybe she won’t succeed. Maybe the 400,000 You Tube hits will be as far as the song goes. But at least she tried. She won’t have to spend her life wondering what if. That’s a great path to follow. And I hope it works out because I adore Tangey.

Back to our leading lady. Paige continued to make rookie mistakes that she didn’t know to avoid. And that’s okay. Because it’s a steep learning curve and she’s trying her best. She did, however, make the right call when she rejected Rainer’s tried-and-true invitation for a date. Including the letter necklace he apparently gives to all his ladies.

I’m #TeamRainer all the way, but like I said last week, I want this to be a slow burn. Paige needs to get her bearings before she can even think about jumping into a relationship. Not to mention her complicated feelings for Jake. Her jealousy over Alexis shouldn’t be ignored (side note: I like how they managed to be in the episode without actually being in the episode).

(Freeform/Tony Rivetti)

Slow burn aside, Paige and Rainer’s kiss was hot. Of course they didn’t stop when Wyatt yelled cut. Cassie basking in the chemistry, and then teasing Paige about it, was fun. Paige drawing on her acting skills to tell Rainer it was all an act? Even better. Not that he believed her since 1) he was there and 2) it’s been established Paige is a terrible liar.

Last, but definitely not least, how awesome were Rainer and Jordan’s bromance moments? Rainer offering to let him move back in, Jordan giving Rain solid advice on how he should treat Paige. More of this, please.

(Because we know it’s a house of cards waiting to crash).

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