‘Famous in Love’ Review: Mama Bear Strikes Back

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We might need to rethink whether any of the moms on Famous in Love have their children’s best interests at heart.

Because after “Some Like It Not”, it’s certainly starting to look like Nina and Ida are only looking out for themselves. And that’s bad news for Jordan, Tangey, and Rainer.

Normally, I love to gush about Nina. I root for her. Because she works her ass off for her success. But jealousy is not a good look for Ms. Devon. After she learned Jordan preferred to be with Tangey, Nina teamed up with Ida to sabotage both of them.

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

I thought Jordan handled things maturely. He told Nina the truth. He took the well-deserved verbal smack Tangey gave him for working out their dating life with Rainer (I appreciate their bromance, but she’s not a possession, boys). And he helped Tangey realize that money isn’t everything.

And now Nina’s going to take his biggest shame and crush him with it. Apparently, she helped craft the story of his orphan status. I’m still not sure what’s so bad about a poor upbringing. But maybe he wanted to put as much distance between himself and his blackmailing mother as possible. Fair enough.

Too bad Ida’s going to take advantage of the silver platter Nina handed her. I take back what I said about her trying to look out for Tangey. She’s only in it for herself and the money. As soon as she froze Tangey’s accounts in order to get what she wants, I was hoping Tangey would hire good lawyers.

In another bombshell, it turns out studio head Allen, Nina’s nemesis, is also Rainer’s secret father. Rainer’s under the impression his father died when he was a baby. But does Allen know the truth? Why’s Nina keeping it a secret? I need answers, people. I’m hoping it won’t take long. Secrets don’t stay that way for long.

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

Alexis and Jake returned from the Palm Beach expedition. She helped him sell his script to a studio. She’s even producing it to make sure she gets the lead. As I suspected, Alexis did start out using Jake, but she’s also developing feelings for him. It’s sweet. Or it would be if Jake wasn’t behaving like the absolute worst.

Seriously, he’s supposed to be the nice guy/best friend, right? Why is he so jealous of Rainer? Okay, I know why. But he’s the one who placed Paige in the friend zone, for what he deemed her own good. Then, he hooked up with Alexis, knowing Paige hates her. So what gives him the right to judge Paige for hanging out with Rainer?

It doesn’t work that way, buddy. And I’m worried about him hurting Alexis. He’s using her more than she’s using him at this point. Given how little she can count on anyone in her life, I don’t see this ending well for Alexis. And that makes me sad. Because she’s doing the best she can with what she has. She doesn’t deserve to be strung along because Jake made a bad decision.

Cassie, on the other hand, continues to make the best choices for both her friends. She played mediator. She read Jake the riot act more than once to talk some sense into him. She also admitted she’d been wrong about Rainer to Paige. That’s a good friend. I’m glad she and PA Adam hooked up. I doubt it’ll be serious, but they’re cute.

Not as cute as Paige and Rainer, though. Because, you guys, they are so adorable. I love how hard Rainer is trying. He’s still showing off, but that’s who he is. He’s over the top and fun, and he wants Paige to have fun, too. But he’s also continuing to toe the friendship line since she made it clear that’s what she wants. For now.

I’m going to need them to kiss for real soon, please, and thank you, show.

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