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Gays of Our Lives: A Deadly Affair on “River City”

In this week’s Gays of Our Lives….

  • It’s not a shock on River City when Robbie and Stevie hook up.  And it’s not a surprise when addict Robbie turns to dealer Stevie for drugs.  But what is a stunner is Stevie’s secret and the life-altering effect it could have on Robbie.
  • There are lots of twists and turns for David and Rhys on Rownd a Rownd as David and Rhys’ affair is finally revealed to Dani.  But even with the truth out is there a future for the guys?
  • Hollyoaks revealed that Ryan is bisexual this past week, which oddly enough clears him of Amy’s murder.  If Ryan didn’t do it, then who did?  And why is James acting so shifty?
  • Aaron gets a job stripping again on Neighbours.  But is he any better at it?  Meanwhile, David wonders about his future with Will.
  • Plus, the latest on EastEnders, Holby City and Emmerdale!

All this — and more!


EastEnders (U.K.)

It was nice seeing Pam again.  I wish she and Les had of never been written out.  I’m glad she still considers Ben part of her family and wants to be close to him.  I hope her visit means Ben is going to finally move on.  Paul has been dead for a long time and Ben is young.  It’s time he met someone new and had a new romance.  I don’t need it to be Johnny, even though both Ben and Johnny need love lives.

Emmerdale (U.K.)

Robert and Aaron were supposedly on vacation, but those tans they have look really fake.  Very orange.

I like that Victoria didn’t try to pressure Rebecca to have the baby just because of her own issues about having kids.

Robert and Aaron’s bed seems awfully small for two grown men.

Seems like Aaron forgave Robert really fast.  But I guess that was for him to be hit with the baby reveal.  I’m sure he’ll get over it.  Once a man has tried to kill you and you stayed with him anything can be forgiven.

I think there was a lot of good acting by everyone for the double reveals.  Ryan Hawley and Danny Miller were excellent as always.  But this story is so lazy and predictable.  And we know that it ends with Aaron delivering that baby and Rebecca dying sometime afterwards so Robert and Aaron can play daddies.  Once she’s given birth, she has no purpose.  For some reason soaps always have to stick gay men with children.  That’s what will happen again.

At least the characters are showing some growth.  Robert told Aaron the truth when he didn’t have to and Aaron didn’t run out and do drugs or hurt himself after hearing that truth.  That’s nice.

BTW, whether she’s pregnant or not, someone should tell Robert you don’t grab and manhandle women.

I wish Rebecca was better written. Her character is all over the place.  The show has her changing motives and emotions depending on the scene.  I think trying to play her as a sympathetic victim is a bad choice and makes her boring.  A scheming vixen is much more interesting.  Certainly watchable.  But pick a path and stick with it, shall we?

Holby City  (U.K.)

Well, now that we know that Lofty is gay, I guess it won’t be long before he and Dom are circling around each other.  I hope it’s not for awhile though.  The last thing Dom needs right now is a relationship.

And I’d be okay if Lofty and Dom just became friends.  Dom hasn’t had a really good friend since Arthur’s death and a strong friendship with Lofty might be what he needs.  Unfortunately, TV doesn’t work like that.  If you have two gay men on the canvas they eventually have to start hooking up.

As for the story itself, it was perfectly fine, though nothing we haven’t seen before.  It was well acted by Lee Mead though.  I do like that UK shows can have gay/bi character on the canvas like it’s no big deal, sometimes several characters all at once.  US shows still struggle with having one.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

So Ryan was having an affair with Kyle while Amy was being murdered?  I guess we should be shocked to learn that Ryan is bisexual, but not really.  When Duncan James joined the show, he was teasing that Ryan and Ste could wind up having an affair.  Sadly, that’s probably not a joke.  Every man in Ste’s orbit winds up sleeping with him.  Once the murder mystery is solved, there’s no doubt Ryan and Ste will hook up.  Why Ryan would want Ste is beyond me, but I say that about all the men Ste dates.

But Ryan couldn’t have loved Amy that much.  He cheated on her ALOT and already has someone new warming his bed.  My guess is there will be more ‘evidence’ that Ryan killed Amy and Ryan will have to come out of the closet in order to clear himself.  And was it just me or did Ryan look like he wanted to do Kyle right there in the alley when Kyle confronted him?

Speaking of evidence, did Ste really say he believed Ryan killed Amy because he had a bad temper and was prone to violence?  Has he looked in a mirror?   But now that we know Ryan couldn’t have killed Amy, that’s one more suspect off the list.  So who did do it?  I know the show has James acting shifty, but I don’t think he did it.  I think he just wants to frame Ste for the crime as payback for destroying James and John Paul’s relationship.  It’s not about Amy.

That bickering scene with Nancy and Darren about Kyle was really cute and shows why they are perfect for each other and should never break up again.  I also watched a lot of the Warren/Sienna/Joel story this past week.  It’s really well done.  I loved Sienna saying she knew she and Warren’s spawn would turn out evil so they could only hope for the best.  LOL….  And Jamie Lomas stays hot.


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