General Hospital Spoilers: May 29-June 2, 2017 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Jake chooses a side. Also: Dante is skeptical; Carly apologizes; Alexis receives some good news. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 29, 2017.

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Editor’s Note: Due to the holiday, Monday, May 29th will be an encore episode of Jane Elliot’s last episode.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Grand Finale

Will Jake do Helena’s bidding and make Port Charles disappear? Or will his parents be able to break through the Cassadine matriarch’s hold and protect him? What side will the young boy choose? Meanwhile, Anna isn’t sure she can trust Valentin in regards to the chimera. They both may have to put their feelings about each other asside for the greater good. Nina makes a plea and is left shaken.

Things heated up after Sonny and Carly discovered the truth about Morgan’s pills. Will Dante arrive in the nick of time? The cop remains suspicious that he doesn’t have the whole truth. Sonny ponders what more he could have done. He doesn’t want to give up on his family. Carly gets called away and later offers a sincere apology to Andre. Kiki doesn’t know how to process her feelings. Will she find the answer she seeks?

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Also this week:

After catching onto things, Nathan calls Amy out on her behavior. Has she made a mistake? Amy struggle with her past demons.

Alexis gets good news. Despite the fact that things are finally looking up for her, she’s faced with uncertainty. Will she be able to move forward and get her life back on track?

  • Curtis takes the high road.
  • Michael is hopeful.
  • Finn looks to get back on track.
  • Lulu is duped.

Source Sneak Peek:

Liz has a proposition for Franco. Laura gets an unexpected visitor. Kiki lashes out.

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