Gays of Our Lives: The Confession


This week in Gays of Our Lives…..

  • Aaron and Robert are back on Emmerdale and so is the drama.  Robert confesses to Aaron that he slept with Rebecca and maybe got her pregnant.  Can Aaron forgive Robert this time?
  • Lofty faces his past on Holby City when his ex-fiance and her brother show up at the hospital.  It isn’t long before it’s revealed that Lofty was romantically involved with the siblings and he has to deal with his feelings.
  • Iolo loses his temper and attacks Chester on People of the Valley.  When it’s caught on tape, will Iolo find himself in trouble with the law?
  • Rhys and David are confronted about their affair on Rownd a Rownd.  Will they finally come clean?  While, Rhys comes to a decision about his impending court trial.
  • Robbie’s drug addiction spins out of control on River City and when he gets sexually involved with Stevie who is supplying his drugs, things get much, much worse.

All this — and more!


Casualty  (U.K.)

The show really isn’t giving Jez and Mickey much airtime, but I’m enjoying what we’ve seen of them.  They have some really nice chemistry and it’s clear they are building to a climax of the reveal that Scott did kill Cal and Scott’s bigoted family finding out that Mickey is gay and dating a black guy.  I do wish we were seeing more of them though.  It would be much easier to invest in their relationship if we got to watch it play out in full on screen.  But, it’s nice to see Jez so smitten.  The look on his face when Mickey said he wasn’t breaking up with him was lovely.

I also enjoyed the subplot with Elle and the sexy cop.  I appreciate that the show had him shirtless for most of his scenes.  I hope we get a romance with them.

Coronation Street  (U.K.)

Well, if we didn’t know it already, we know for sure Todd will agree to adopt Summer.  There’s no story if he doesn’t.  I’m glad Audrey talked to Billy and made him realize how unfair he was being to Todd.  It was nice getting things from Todd’s point of view without Todd coming off as selfish.  But it’s pretty clear the guys will end up being parents.  And I still say it’s a lazy, lazy story for them.  I’m sure this girl will be an awful brat, making this story even more tiresome to watch.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Finally, the truth revealed.  Well, at least it’s all out in the open now and this ‘drugging’ story, which was all over the place, is finally over.   It dragged on for far too long and Mac should have figured out what was going on before it came to this.  I can’t believe Marnie wants to still be with Mac after all this and that she expects he would come back.  Then again, they probably will get together again.  They’re as sick as the other and enjoy their messy, dysfunctional relationship.

As for James, he does have power of attorney and he’s unlikely to give it up.  I think though this will probably blow up in his face.  The truth is what James really wants his father’s love and acceptance and he’ll never get that.  The sooner he faces that, the better off he’ll be.

Holby City  (U.K.)

I vaguely remember Lofty when he was on Casualty.  I think he was on the same time as that gay nurse Jamie, right?  At the time, there was speculation about Lofty’s sexuality since he was never paired with any women.  At least I don’t recall that he was.  Anywhere, here he is on HC and we’ll soon learn he was engaged to be married, but it ended when he had an affair with his fiance’s brother.  How soapy!  

I guess the question is whether he’s gay or bi.  And of course is the show going to pair him with Dom?  Lofty is a sweet, caring guy and Dom needs someone like that after two abusive relationships.  The show is already playing it that Dom doesn’t like Lofty, so maybe it’s the start of a romance between them.  I guess we’ll find out.

Neighbours  (Australia)

I actually thought David and Will had a bit of chemistry and that kiss was really sweet.  I like that David is eager but nervous when it comes to men.  It’s realistic.  We’ve all been where he is.  But Aaron was out of line for warning Will away.  David is going to have to deal with his own bumps and bruises when it comes to men.  I suspect this will only make things worse between Aaron and David.

That flowered shirt Aaron had on in the final scene with Will looked hot on him.  Like I said before, this show knows how to dress Aaron.  He dresses like a good looking young gay man with a face and body like his would.  His clothes are always on point.

Aaron is stripping again?  Did the show forget Aaron was a terrible stripper?  He couldn’t dance and the show is so conservative we never actually saw Aaron in more than just his shirt off during his performances.  I agree Aaron needs to find a new career path but let’s hope this one doesn’t last long.


Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. I thought that I recognized Lofty’s fiance’s brother. It’s Dr. Bailey.

  2. Re: Corrie. I did like Audrey bringing up the baby Todd and Sarah lost (ironically also named Billy) during that conversation with the vicar. I think the story could be interesting if they keep playing that string of it, especially because I think this girl is around the same age that Billy would be now.

    It’s pretty early into their relationship to throw a kid into it, but there are some difference about it I appreciate. No last gasp of straightness ONS responsible, for example, like with Kyle/Fish, Will/Sonny, etc. And the child being that age probably means they’re throw her in with Simon and Amy Barlow, which could get them bigger story.

  3. I really don’t think the Coldplay tickets subplot is going to go anywhere since the David and Rhys storyline is about to go critical mass this Thursday and beyond. I really can’t wait for tomorrow’s and Tuesday’s episodes. Yesterday’s episode was so good. Every time that he was working up the nerve to tell her, he just kept getting steamrolled by Wyn, by Dani, by Michelle. And now things are totally out of hand.

  4. I know you’ve said your not going to say anything about Days of Our Lives until the new writers start, but one of the most disgusting things that has NOT happened are all of the missed opportunities that Paul & Sonny have had to at least hug or a little kiss when parting. all of the straight characters have done it over and over. these writers are coming across as homophobic to say the least…

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