‘Famous in Love’ Review: I’ll Be There for You

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Things are looking up for Cassie after the latest hour of Famous in Love.

The best friend anyone could ask for received support from her feuding besties when Jake accidentally stumbled on Cassie’s job. Paige and Jake set their differences aside, and made it their mission to make sure their friend was okay.

“Found in Translation” also gave Jordan a chance to spend time with his mom once he bailed her out from jail. And Rainer unknowingly took a trip with his parents when Alan accompanied him and Nina to a meeting in China.

(Freeform/Tony Rivetti)

Starting with Cassie, I felt awful for her when she was too ashamed to come home. Paige and Jake both handled things well. They took responsibility for not paying enough attention to their friend, and they did everything they could to find her. Paige offered her an assistant job as a solution to her money woes.

I like seeing their friendships back on track. I’m happy Paige chose to stay with them rather than going on the Vegas trip. That’s not what anyone needed at the moment. But I do worry that being an assistant to her best friend, while she’s trying to figure out her own life, might not be the best place for Cassie at the moment.

However, how great was Adam? Last week, I didn’t think this hookup would go anywhere. I’m happy to eat those words. Not only did he support her and give her a place to crash, he tracked down the video of her mom. That’s a keeper. Seriously, who wouldn’t swoon over something so thoughtful?

Meanwhile, Nina convinced Rainer to go to China with her. They had an issue with the movie because somehow time traveler=ghost. Rainer would clearly do anything for his mom. And it’s going to crush him when he learns the truth: about Jordan, and about Alan being his father. I’m not looking forward to these reveals.

(Freeform/Tony Rivetti)

But it was fun to watch Nina squirming a bit when Rainer and Alan discussed their motion sickness. I’m guessing Nina never felt so trapped in a moving vehicle before. I enjoy their banter. And it doesn’t appear Alan has a clue that Rainer is his son. So how did Nina keep it a secret? I have so many questions.

Oh, and the alcohol thing is totally foreshadowing Rainer falling off the wagon once the truth bombs start dropping, right?

Nina scored another win for herself when the Chinese backers suggested a Chinese actress to replace Tangey. Alan and Rainer both protested, but Nina agreed without batting an eyelash. I’m sure she’s going to enjoy telling Jordan’s girlfriend she’s fired. Oh, Nina. I still love you. Even when you’re being terrible.

And while we’re on the subject of terrible, Jordan’s mom wins the title this week. I totally fell for her act. We learned she took the fall for Jordan’s crimes and went to jail for him. That explains why he needed to keep his past off the paparazzi radar. She pressed all the right guilt buttons.

So Jordan agreed to get her a lawyer and a place to stay. She passed on the second option, but things seemed good between them. Then, Jordan brought Rainer home from the airport, and they discovered they’d been robbed. Everything was cleaned out. Cue Jordan feeling guilty for a brand new reason.

Now, there’s always a chance she didn’t do it. People get robbed in Hollywood (remember the Bling Ring?). Maybe Jordan will think it’s her, but she’ll turn out to be innocent. Of course she’s innocent of the cocaine charge, and he didn’t believe Nina would set her up, so maybe he wouldn’t be the best judge.

However, given how some of the other moms have acted lately, I think it’s a safe bet to declare her guilty until proven innocent. The question is: will Jordan tell Rainer the truth? Or will he go to Nina for help?

Considering he has no idea she started this in the first place by sending Ida to his mom, I’m thinking Nina will be his first choice for help.

And that’s going to be lead to more problems. For everyone.

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