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‘The Originals’ Recap: ‘High Water and the Devil’s Daughter’

Annette Brown/The CW

The Hollow continues to cause trouble for the Mikaelson family. And everyone else in New Orleans on The Originals. 

And while we still don’t know many, many thing about what the Hollow is, what it wants, or why it’s targeting our heroes (and anti-heroes), “High Water and the Devil’s Daughter” did shed a little light on the mystery.

Due to the danger, Elijah and Freya insisted Hayley, Klaus, and Hope remain at the compound protected by a boundary spell. Klaus didn’t appreciate being sidelined. Partially because he likes to be where the action is, and also because he’s suffering from PTSD after his five year captivity.

Annette Brown/The CW

Fair enough. Thankfully, Hayley had some kind words for him. She also suggested they take more family pictures. Klaus and Hayley both missed out a lot when it came to their own childhoods. They want to make sure Hope doesn’t suffer the same fate. Or, at least Hayley does. She thinks Hope should be in school and allowed to have friends. Klaus believes her power is all that she needs.

While her parents chatted, Hope spent time exploring the house. First, she found Marcel’s old toys, and then she found Marcel. He tried to get her to fetch him some blood, but Hope was too smart to fall for his tricks. She had questions of her own: mainly, why does Marcel hate her father? He delicately tried to explain their complicated relationship. The moral of his story: he can’t hate Klaus because he once loved him too much.

The not-so-dead Dominic tangled with Freya. She wanted information. He mentioned a werewolf clan tasked with protecting the Hollow’s bones. Then, when he threatened Keelin, he managed to get the upper hand. He sort of killed Freya? Long enough to knock down her protection spell at the compound. Keelin came to Freya’s rescue, but the eldest Mikaelson tried to send her away for her protection.

Annette Brown/The CW

Keelin didn’t appreciate the brush off. Freya did her best to explain her feelings: she’s used to doing whatever her family needs whether there are consequences or not. Now that she has feelings for Keelin, it’s messing with her head. Keelin prepares to walk away, but Freya stops her and kisses her.

Dominic and his pals storm the Mikaelson compound. Klaus fights back. Marcel asks Hope to free him. She removes her bracelet, confident in her own abilities, but Marcel wants her to trust him. Klaus tears Dominic’s head off when he threatens Hope. He finds more dead bodies in the dungeon. Marcel and Hope are sitting on a bench down the street. Marcel told Hope to close her eyes and sing so she wouldn’t see him murdering people.

It’s the same thing Klaus used to tell Marcel when he was a kid. The two men come to a tentative truce after Klaus insists that he will protect his entire family from the Hollow: including Marcel. Unfortunately, the Hollow’s found a new safe place to hide now that Dominic’s dead: it’s inside Sofya. Also, the Hollow is definitely a woman, and she has a crescent birth mark.

Annette Brown/The CW

Elijah forces Vincent to perform the Harvest ritual in order to reconnect with the ancestors. They’re not interested. Desperate to save the girls Elijah sacrificed, Vincent breaks into Davina’s tomb, pulls out her skull, and prays to her. He begs Davina to complete the ritual. Once she does, the girls wake up. Vincent lets Elijah have it for being reckless, and acting without a soul.

When Elijah and Freya compare notes, they discover the last person in the werewolf line was Tyler Lockwood. Elijah concludes the bone is in Mystic Falls.

Miscellaneous Musings

-I was so happy to see Davina in the promo for next week. I know she’s still dead (which sucks), but bless Vincent for opening a line of communication with her.

-That being said–the grave robbing was disturbing. Haven’t the women on this show suffered enough? Never ever, ever going to forgive the writers for killing Cami and Davina in the same episode. Or at all.

-WTF are they doing to Elijah? He’s always been ruthless, and somewhat aloof, but where is this cruelty coming from? First with the way he treated Marcel and now killing those girls?

-How great was Charles Michael Davis? As Josh, as big brother Marcel, as tortured son Marcel, as director…MVP for sure.

-Hope and Marcel are my new favorite siblings. Sorry Elijah/Rebekah/Klaus.

-TYLER MENTION. ALARIC IN THE PREVIEWS. Guys, I miss The Vampire Diaries so much. I’ll take what I can get.

-Josh and Freya were fun together.

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