‘The Originals’ Review: Cursed Bloodlines

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That’s more like it.

After weeks of bite-sized pieces of lackluster buildup, The Originals finally delivered the full backstory of the Hollow with “Voodoo in My Blood.”

Not only that, the episode also brought the return of Davina Claire, a small piece of The Vampire Diaries, and left one of our favorite Mikaelsons in peril. Basically, everything we’ve been clamoring for during Season 4.

Let’s start with the Hollow. Long story short: way back when, two tribes merged via a marriage ceremony strikingly similar to Hayley and Jackson’s. Part marriage, part magic bonding. A baby born of that marriage eventually grew super powerful, and decided to kill everyone around her for the fun of it.

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Klaus could relate, but there was a bit more to the tale. Once the tribes banded together, and designated the child’s mother as her murderer, the Hollow had one last surprise in store for those around her: she cursed her mother to turn into a beast on the full moon the instant she killed her daughter.

And that’s how the werewolf curse was born. Guys, as much as I’ve complained about the slowness of the Hollow story, that little bit of mythology made it worth it. That’s a cool backstory for the werewolf curse. AND it explains how and why Hayley’s connected to the Hollow. The Lebonair bloodline started with the Hollow. And now Hayley and Hope are the only ones left.

Davina returned to relay the information to Hayley and Klaus. Well, more to Hayley since Klaus got on her nerves pretty fast (some things never change). Davina’s plan was to have Hayley attack the Hollow (with her blood, which despite the cool mythology, is every bit as silly as it sounds). Once Hayley got the Hollow under control, Davina would trap her in the ancestor prison once more.

Except Davina left out a big part of the plan: in order to do that, she needed to sacrifice an immortal. And she chose Klaus. Davina wanting to kill Klaus got old in Season 1, but I’m going to give her a pass here. Partially because I missed her and partially because desperate times and all that. The Hollow is bad news and Davina’s been tormented in ancestor hell for over five years. She’s making the choice she thinks she has to—Klaus should understand that better than anyone.

Besides, if Davina hadn’t tried to sacrifice Klaus, we wouldn’t have the scene of Elijah offering to take his place. Or Marcel trying to talk Davina out of it because he didn’t want to see either Mikaelson brother die (yes, we’ve reached the portion of the season where everyone is starting to be friendly again).

Bob Mahoney/The CW

But neither of those moments was as great as Hope tearing off her bracelet, rushing to her father’s rescue, and using her magic to send Davina away because she lied (Aunt Freya would have been proud).

I’m a little disappointed Davina didn’t let Marcel know she was listening when he spoke at her tomb. Davina and Marcel’s relationship was always the best, even when she was the worst. But I assume she was back on the ancestral plane? I’m not quite sure how her magic worked. It was nice hearing Marcel apologize—and not apologize—for what he did to the Mikaelsons. Like Davina, he made the choices he thought were best at the time.

Speaking of choices, Alaric drove into town to bring the bone from the Lockwood collection. He thought it was better than allowing Klaus to come to Mystic Falls (smart). Have I mentioned I miss The Vampire Diaries? Because I do. So much. Alaric helped Elijah and Marcel track down what they needed, and then he chatted with Klaus about the school he and Caroline started.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Needless to say Klaus did not jump at the chance to send Hope to boarding school in Virginia. However, Alaric made a few good points about what she needed. Just as Hayley did when she tried to explain Hope wanted someone to hold the other end of the jump rope. Will Klaus relent? Letting go isn’t his strong suit, but we’ll see how things play out with the Hollow. It might turn into a safety issue by the end of the season.

Finally, let’s talk about Elijah. He had a different personality this week than he has over the past few episodes. But I’m not complaining because this is the Elijah that I love. Snobby with his $9,000 suit, determined to kill anyone who hurts his family, AND BACK TO FEELING GUILTY ABOUT KILLING MARCEL. You know, because he actually cared about him and loved him like family.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Sure, he’d kill him again in a heartbeat if he thought it meant protecting Klaus. But he’d feel bad about it. Like Davina felt bad. Like Marcel felt bad. In other words, we’re back to our collection of antiheroes trying to do the right thing for their family, and also realizing how they’re terrible people at the same time.

When Elijah attempted to sacrifice his life for Klaus’, Hayley was not amused in the slightest. Because she needs Elijah and he promised her a life together. Elijah realized the error of his ways, and promised to take Hayley to a little place in France once they vanquished the Hollow. She agreed, but also suggested he start being a better man by giving Marcel the knife that could kill him.

And Elijah obliged, or tried to, because he’s atoning. Except when he arrived at Marcel’s place, the Hollow-possessed version of Sofya was there to greet him. She wants to sacrifice Elijah so she can have a real body of her own. I don’t even know how that works. But next week will be about rescuing Elijah from her clutches.

(Don’t even think about letting him die, show).

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