‘Famous in Love’ Review: Mixing Business and Pleasure

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The reveals and relationship shakeups continued on Famous in Love.

“Crazy Scripted Love” dealt Jake a painful blow while Paige struggled to emotionally connect to her material. And the big Nina moments we’ve been waiting for turned out to be oddly unfulfilling.

At least until we learned of her assistant’s treacherous partnership with Barrett.

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

Maybe it’s because I love Nina so much, but I assumed we’d see more fireworks when Jordan questioned her about Tangey. Nina’s quick on her feet so she made Jordan believe it was purely business. But then I started wondering if Jordan might be manipulating her, too.

See what fake Hollywood is doing to me? I don’t know who to trust! Did Jordan tell her about his problems because he knew she would help with the money? Or did he tell her because they care about each other and he wanted to get it off his chest? I’m not sure. But, I like that he didn’t want to put Rainer out, even though he’d already agreed. #bromance

As for Nina and Alan, again, I was expecting a bigger showdown. I suppose that’ll come when Rainer learns the truth. I thought Alan handled things calmly for a man who’d been shut out of his son’s life. I also see why Nina did it now. Alan was married at the time, and instead of being there, he fired her.

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

But it’s Nina’s current and former employees who might be the ones to bring her down. Her tortured assistant Eva has been collecting the goods on her, including a photo of Nina kissing Jordan. Seriously, though, did anyone else cringe when they kissed in her office? The one with huge windows? Sorry, but they deserved to be caught at that point.

Rainer and Paige are making steady progress. Sure, Paige keeps shooting him down at every turn, but it’s obvious she’s falling for him. Although, I think she’s also still feeling something for Jake. But the question is whether her feelings are genuine, or if she’s attached to the idea of the alternate life they could have had.

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Again, it’s hard to blame Paige for feeling that way. Her life is changing fast. She’s hurt the people she cares about most, and they’ve hurt her, too. Sometimes that’s a part of growing up. But I imagine it’s even harder for Paige to deal with since she’s also learning how to be a movie star at the same time. And she can’t talk to the people closest to her about it.

Thankfully, Rainer’s stepping up to help her along the way. I do believe his feelings for Paige are genuine. And he’s getting slightly better at handling the temporary friend zone placement. Not 100 percent better, because he’s still a movie star with a healthy ego who assumes she’ll come around, but he’s not pushing as hard.

(But any time they want to hurry up and kiss, I’m good with it).

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

As for Jake and Alexis, things took the expected turn. Well, close to the expected turn. Alexis fought for him the best she could. It shows she cares. Like Rainer, I think Alexis wants the relationship, but she doesn’t know how to go about it because Hollywood is all she knows. And Jake is clearly an all or nothing kind of guy.

Things may have been different if she’d told him the truth rather than waiting. But I can’t fault her for being afraid. I’m curious what’s going to happen next. Jake’s skipped town for the time being, and Alexis is presumably continuing with the project. Is there hope for them down the line? Will Alexis and Rachel rekindle things?

Only two episodes left in the season and the show’s juggling a lot of balls in the air. Which story’s going to explode first? Who will be left standing?

(And when are Paige and Rainer going to kiss???)

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