‘Famous in Love’ Review: Red Carpet Premiere Punches (and Kisses)

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Tensions exploded all over the place on the latest episode of Famous in Love.

And the fallout will not be pretty for anyone.

“Fifty Shades of Red” could have been a season finale. Thank goodness it’s not because I would have had to break something. But if the penultimate episode threw down this hard, what’s going to happen in the finale?!

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

Let’s start with the former three amigos. Jake took the job in Texas, which Paige learned Cassie suggested. And after a long talk with Adam, Cassie also decided the best way to save her friendship with Paige was for her to move out of the apartment, too.

Does that sound like flawed logic? It does to me because I don’t think the concept of absence making the heart grow fonder can apply to friendships. But as a life decision, it’s probably the right one. Cassie knows her jealousy isn’t going away anytime soon, and if she stays, there’s no question her friendship with Paige will go down in flames.

Growing up sucks, you guys. Whether it’s in the real world or in Hollywood, there’s something all too relatable about friendships fracturing due to different paths. We all wish BFF truly meant forever, but sometimes, maybe even most times, it’s not supposed to last. But that doesn’t mean they can’t stay friends or get over this bump in the road.

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I feel bad for Paige. She’s been struggling to hold onto both worlds. It might not have been realistic, but it’s hard to blame her for wanting it all. No one ever tells you to strive for part of the dream. And while I can see Cassie’s side of things, I think she’s 100 percent wrong to say anything that happened to Jake is Paige’s fault.

Jake made the decision to stay friends. Jake made the decision to push Paige away and date Alexis. Jake made the decision to be jealous of Rainer no matter how many times Paige insisted they weren’t dating. Paige doesn’t owe Jake a life of celibacy and servitude because he decided being friends was the best thing for them only to be angry at her at every turn.

Plus, Paige is right. No one ever said being a writer is easy. You can’t quit the first time things don’t go your way or even the tenth time. Working as a PA might help Jake more connections, but school would do that, too. He’s running away from his problems, and that’s not something to celebrate.

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Speaking of problems, Jordan destroyed his chances with Tangey by accidentally telling the truth. After learning of Jordan’s past from Ida, and getting the actual truth from Rainer, Tangey was ready to be with Jordan. Except he misunderstood and thought she knew about him and Nina. Seriously, Jordan, did you think she’d be that calm?

Is it wrong I still feel kind of bad for him? Obviously sleeping with Nina was a disaster, and he shouldn’t pay for that mistake forever (although Rainer still doesn’t know). But all the success in Hollywood isn’t going to matter when Jordan’s losing all the people close to him. That being said, I don’t blame Tangey one bit for slapping him, and walking away.

Now, for the biggest train wreck of the hour, the one we all saw coming: Rainer fell off the wagon after he learned the truth about his father. Again, it’s hard not to feel awful for him. He loved Nina and trusted her. She’s his mother! But she spent his entire life lying to him to protect herself.

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

Unfortunately, Rainer also took his anger out on Alan, who did nothing to deserve it other than give Nina a chance to tell the truth. I’m hoping when Rainer is calmer (and sober), these two will be able to repair their relationship. Because they had a good vibe going before Rainer decided to punch him.

Rainer also took a drunken opportunity to kiss Paige in front of ALL the paparazzi camera. Not cool, Rain. Not cool at all. And to make it worse, this came after the two shared a HOT blocking session where they attempted to stage a sex scene. Both of them were dazed and bothered after the moment.

But that’s likely out the window now that Rainer put on a show for the cameras. SIGH. This was not the first real kiss I was waiting for, guys. Can the potential relationship be salvaged? Of course. But it’ll take time and sobriety, and I’m not sure we’ll get all of that over the course of the season finale.

(Where’s our Season Two order, Freeform?)

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