‘Famous in Love’ Season 1 Finale Review: Out with a Bang

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The first season of Famous in Love concluded with a speechless Paige frantically looking back and forth between Jake and Rainer.

In other words, we’ve reached peak love triangle, people.

But Paige’s love life won’t be the only cliffhanger we’re pondering after “Leaving Los Angeles.”

Someone killed Barrett! Someone he knows; likely someone we all know. Nina? Jordan? Brandy? Eva? Alan? Ida? We may as well go ahead and make a suspect board with everyone we’ve met since Barrett made it his mission to find the juiciest dirt on Hollywood stars, producers, etc.

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I’m not going to lie—I’m a little on the fence about this twist. I love soaps and murders where everyone is a suspect are a huge part of them. But I watched all nine million seasons of Pretty Little Liars, and I don’t want to see Famous in Love heading down the same murky path. I’m much more interested in the characters and their relationships.

Where should we start? How about Alexis and Rachel? After being dumped as producer, Alexis enacted revenge on her former lover. By spinning a sob story, inviting her over, filming a sex tape without telling her, and then leaking it. That’s cold, Alexis. And to twist the knife, Alexis blamed Rachel.

I don’t know if we’re supposed to hate Alexis or love to hate her, but I don’t hate her at all. I feel bad for her. I’ve said it before: she’s been in Hollywood too long, and she doesn’t have anyone she can count on. No, that doesn’t make it okay what she did to Rachel. Not by any means. But I don’t think we should write Alexis off over it, either.

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Tangey also went after what she wanted. Even though she promised Jordan she wouldn’t tell Rainer about him and Nina, she did go to Nina with fresh blackmail. It turns out Jordan lied about his age, too. And since he and Nina have apparently been sleeping together since they met, he was only sixteen at the time.

Guys, this is super gross. And possibly illegal depending on the age of consent laws in California. Let’s assume it’s just gross, and Nina didn’t know. Even so, she shouldn’t have been sleeping with her son’s friend. As much as I love Nina, and I still do, I’m Team Tangey on this one. Nina tried to push her out of the way, and now Tangey is pushing back. Get your fame and fortune, girl.

As for Jordan, he proved how amazing he is when he opted to go public with his story. He would rather admit his sordid past to the cameras than let Rainer find out he’d slept with his mom. Sure, he never should have done that in the first place (for years!). But the important thing is Jordan’s trying to do the right thing now. Bromance, FTW!

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Cassie also proved friendship comes first with her when she went home to make sure Paige was all right after the disastrous premiere. She still planned to move out, which hurt Paige, but I think this was a positive step. She’s showing her that she can and will still be there for her. Even if things will never be quite the same as they were in the days before Locked.

Back to the triangle. Jake returned from Austin to pack his things. He planned to slip out without saying anything to Paige. But thanks to Rainer’s disappearing act, her schedule changed. Things were awkward. She didn’t understand why he would leave. Then, she found a copy of his script, read it, and realized how he felt all along.

I’m sorry, but I have to cry foul here. Remember when Jake and Paige were dancing around each other in the pilot? Paige, Jake liking you is not brand new information. But fine, it motivated her to call him, and leave a message. Which, he appeared not to get, except we all know better than that.

(Freeform/Byron Cohen)

Meanwhile, Paige attempted to pull Rainer out of his downward spiral. Her words about them mattering to each other and being there for one another were enough to get him back to work. Then, he started to panic at the press junket. So she promised him she’d be there if he gave her the rescue sign, just as he’d done for her at her first Hollywood party.

(I ship it so hard).

So, moment of truth: the reporters were getting testy, lobbing questions left, and right. Paige did what she promised, and took the heat off Rainer. And then Jake, with Cassie at his side, burst in, and professed his love to her. I ship Paige and Rainer, but even I can admit that declaration was pretty swoon-worthy.

But Rainer threw up the rescue sign because he wanted Paige to pick him. Not just for the press, but because he has genuine feelings for her. And even though she chased after Jake when he left, it’s pretty obvious Paige feels something for Rain, too.

So, who will she choose?!

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