‘Days of our Lives’ Week In Review: Last Minute Scrambling

Lucas confronts Kate about her marriage to Andre.

Pans of the Week

Tiny Tycoon

Sonny is faced with a tough decision.

I can’t be the only one who hears babies babbling whenever Sonny Kiriakis opens his mouth, can I? In my opinion, Sonny has always been a Mary-Sue character who’d mold himself into someone new whenever the plot saw fit. Lately he’s been masquerading as a tough guy who can run a multi-national company because he’s desperate for the respect that brings. That’s cool and all, but why does he have to be so petulant too? Sonny’s become Brady Black on steroids, a man-baby who is desperately seeking to be taken seriously and will scream about it until someone does. This last week he wanted to be taken seriously as Deimos Kiriakis’ murderer – and as a CEO! Can’t forget that.
I found myself asking how anyone could deal with Sonny once he gets into one of his tantrums. Poor Paul Narita found himself caught up in that storm this last week, having to listen to his boyfriend (are they dating?) groan about being a killer. I was so happy that Paul tried to talk some sense into Sonny, reminding him that he’d been drugged, his memory gone fuzzy and considering he couldn’t remember pushing the knife into Deimos’ chest then he probably should hold back on confessions. It was so nice to see a character use common sense and judgment, but this was juxtaposed to another character choosing to have this breakdown on his own.

Some viewers read Sonny wanting to confess for the murder as him trying to save his cousin, but nothing in those scenes made me think that. The relationship between Adrienne, Steve and Jack’s kids is barely ever spoken of on screen and they’re some of the most closely related characters on canvas. There was never a “I’ve got to get my cousin out of jail, he’s innocent!” bit in his speech, it was more like he wanted to throw the blame on himself for attention. He kept making this plea that no one had more reason to want to kill Deimos than he did when, the entire town had more motive than Sonny! Sonny was never on Deimos’ radar until these last few months when he suddenly decided to puff up his chest.

This sudden propping of Sonny has been so painful to watch. Victor Kiriakis actually deemed Sonny the future of the Kiriakis family – which I guess he is, being the youngest Kiriakis on screen right now but he’s such a far cry of what Justin Kiriakis once was. Victor coveting that nephew back in the day made sense to me, Justin was a Kiriakis through and through with charm, cunning and charisma. Tate Black would be a better choice for future Kiriakis leader than Sonny. Not sorry about it!

Strange Love

Almost as bad as Rafe Hernandez and Hope Brady comes Dario Hernandez and Abigail Devereux, two people who do not belong together but have been forced together. You’d think that after dating a creep for so long, Abigail would be able to recognize another from a mile away and run for the hills. While it’s becoming clear that Abigail is more than just uncomfortable around Dario, I still don’t understand why she couldn’t just tell him no. Dario helped her out when she first came to town and was a shoulder to cry on when things fell apart with Chad Dimera – but so was everyone else? Plenty of other people helped her out without making Abigail feel like she owed them. Not even Andre is asking for anything in return! Dario is so gross for manipulating Abigail into this sham of a marriage.

A big part of me doesn’t even believe that he needs a green card or that this mysterious Mexican cartel is even after him. Dario is unapologetically greedy when it comes to money, even more so to women. This last week he took Abigail away from a distressing time in her family, her baby brother held up on a murder charge, to beg her to marry him. Maybe the timing was just off and immigration truly was picking up speed on his case, but again, there’s this notion in the back of my head that it was all just a test to see how well he could manipulate her. Dario passed that test with flying colors.

Chad and Gabi become surprise witnesses to Abigail and Dario’s last-minute wedding.

Then, as if acting like he owned his sister months ago when he didn’t want her with Chad wasn’t creepy enough, now he’s trying to stake a claim in a woman who has constantly friend zoned him. Abigail does not want Dario as viewers could see from the shifty looks she gave him, the denial of joy in getting married to him as well as the lack of heartfelt vows he seemed to have drafted up way ahead of time. It really sucks that it took Abigail this long to see this side of Dario because now it’s too late, now she’s fallen directly into his trap. I don’t think this will be the last time viewers get glimpses of Marci Miller’s “help me” eyes.

The only good part was having Chad and Gabi Hernandez stumbled in during the ceremony. That was such a nice, classic soap touch to a quad that’s been just rolling back and forth collecting dust. I saw some DAYS fans on twitter hypothesize that Chad’s presence at the “wedding” was what made Abigail nervous, but I really think she just realized she’s making a huge mistake. Dario is very much in love with her and wants this marriage to work, staying in America seems like an afterthought to him finally having her. But the most important part of all is that Dario has Abigail and not Chad, he’s going to wear that like a badge of honor for the next few weeks, just watch. He’ll want to spend time with Thomas, play up the happy family card just to get the youngest Dimera all fired up. My only hope is that the Chad we know and love comes back and he knocks this stalker down a peg or two.

Or maybe Chad just has him sent back home in economy class, handcuffs or a body bag. At this point, I’d be cool with whatever fate befalls Dario.