Game of Thrones: Euron ‘Steal Your Girl’ Greyjoy’s ‘Priceless’ Gift?

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The wait is OVER! Season 7 of HBO’s Game of Thrones premiered Sunday night with one of the most highly anticipated episodes to date. Some might say that cold open or a certain red-headed cameo was the most talked about moments from Sunday night’s premiere, but my Twitter timeline was on fire talking about Euron Greyjoy’s glow up!

Photo Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

When we met Euron last season, let’s be honest, he looked like every other shaggy haired, bearded, white dude on this show. Sure, he murdered Balon Greyjoy and usurped Yara as leader of the Iron Islands, but mostly he was a passing character that we paid no mind to, because truthfully there was way more pressing stuff going on and that development meant Dany got ships from Yara to cross the Narrow Sea.

Flash forward to this week and it’s appears Euron not only applied guyliner and got a haircut, but found himself some new leather duds and a cheeky personality to boot. He shows up in Kings Landing at the request of Queen Cersei, looking how I imagine Once Upon a Time fans think Captain Hook looks; fresh off the sexy pirate boat. Euron is portrayed by Danish actor Pilou Asbæk who, bears a striking resemblance to Joshua Jackson, earning him the nickname Pacey Greyjoy. But make no mistake, this is not your adorable screw up best friend. This guy is the new evil. Whether he’s as bad as Joffrey or Ramsey is yet to be determined, though he did kick off his tenure on this show murdering his brother. A fact he seems proud of when he tells Jaime, “it feels wonderful, you should try it”.

Euron wastes no time proposing marriage and an alliance with Cersei, which would strengthen her navy by 1,000 ships. Even though these will come in handy when Daenerys attacks, Cersei declines the offer while Jaime is throwing epic side eye as if to say “this b**** better not say yes!” Despite the decline, Cersei remains intrigued and Euron promises to bring her a “priceless” gift. Hmmm a gift… what could it be?

  1. Tyrion: It would stand to reason that Cersei would delight in having Tyrion’s head dropped at her feet as she wrongly believes he murdered Joffery and she thinks he is the one who will fulfill the “younger brother will kill her” prophecy.
  2. Ilaria Sand: The woman responsible for the death of Cersei and Jaime’s only daughter.
  3. Dragonbinder: What’s Dragonbinder you ask? Allow me to explain. Dragonbinder, also called hellhorn, is a large dragon horn with Valyrian glyphs on it. In the books, Euron has possession of this horn and claims he can bind dragons to his will. The only trick is whomever blows the horn, promptly dies.

These seem the most viable of options to me and if I had to take a guess, I would go with Dragonbinder.

I think gaining access to Tyrion will be difficult and we’ve already been through a prisoner-Tyrion storyline. There have been spoilers suggesting that Cersei will return a gift and that leads me to think it is a thing, not a person, so that scratches Illaria off the list, leaving us with Dragonbinder. If Euron convinces Cersei to accept his proposal and she uses the horn, she’ll die and he’ll be King. What do you think Euron’s “priceless” gift to Cersei will be?

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