General Hospital Spoilers: July 24-28, 2017 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Nathan is pleasantly surprised. Also: Sam confronts an unsuspecting Sonny; Obrecht seeks her revenge; Scout’s health becomes a concern; Dante catches a break. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 18, 2017.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Married To The Mob

Sonny is prepared to save Spencer but don’t look for his rescue plan to go as he’d hoped. Sam’s desire to remove Sonny from her family’s lives continues to spiral out of control, leading to a confrontation. Meanwhile, Jason ruthlessly pursues the truth and fills Carly in on what’s happened. His senses tell him something is terribly wrong. Garvey takes measure to cover his tracks. The mobster is pleased with the execution of his plan. Back at General Hospital, Scout’s health causes concern for Griffin. Alexis hurries to hospital and Julian is left devastated. Will Olivia Jerome’s actions continue to have a hold on Ports Charles?

Happy Now

(ABC/Todd Wawrychuk)

Will it be happily ever after for Finn and Hayden? Finn and Griffin make strides at the hospital however, Obrecht is still out for revenge. Meanwhile, Liz and Hayden share some sisterly moments together. Things get complicated for the Webber ladies when Liz is held captive and Hayden is questioned by Curtis.

The Man Landers column may hit close to home but a warm reunion is in sight for Nathan and Maxie. Nathan gets a welcome surprise when Maxie stops by for a visit. Will he tell her about his new secret life as the face of Man Landers?

Also this week:

Dante gets a break in the case. Nina pushes for justice. Will Spencer be found in time? And just how is Valentin involved?

Josslyn is forced to reconsider her actions. She could really use a friend right now. Luckily, Oscar makes time for her.

  • Anna arrives with big news.
  • Laura has her hands full.
  • Carly shares her news with Michael.

Source Sneak Peek:

Sonny begins to lose hope. Hayden suffers a guilty conscience. Ava gets a proposal that could change her fate. Valentin deals with an intruder.

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  1. The show seems to feel that viewers can’t get enough of Sonny..

  2. Plus how about the other characters who don’t have storylines either. I still wish Valerie would be a part of a storyline also.

  3. If he wasn’t HOT OR if he couldn’t act, okay. He’s got BOTH and he’s a celibate priest who gives advice and caring looks? Soap insanity. Days, BB and YR ALL have issues, but ONLY GH seems to be TRYING to get cancelled.

  4. Agree about Matt. Ridiculous they can’t find something for him.

  5. Sonny Sonny sonny. Make it stop. He will be once again the hero in something. Once Sam is cured of whatever contrived illness she has, it will be all about Sonny. And then, the robot Jason will comeback and will be Sonny and Jason GH all over again. :-(

    Nice to see Maxie.

    Still nothing for Kiki/Dillon. I guess their story line was scrapped.

  6. spoilers are of no interest, but I LOVE the pics! Almost gives me HOPE GH could reboot to the fun, romance and passion again. Feels like GH has been stuck on bland, violent, no-romance sonny loop for soo long. PS, I know I’ve taken a long break when I have no idea who half the people are (garvey, oscar). Thanks for posting, happy summer to all!

    PS, Matt Cohen, what a talented, hot hunk, I can’t believe he’s breen wasted for OVER a year. Perhaps by next year, he’ll at least have a on screen kiss, LOL… wait, that’s not funny… tragic.

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