Gays of Our Lives: Taking The Fall


In this week’s edition of Gays of Our Lives… 

  • The new regime begins on Days of Our Lives when Ron Carlivati’s writing takes over this week.  Will we be able to tell the difference?  I hope so!
  • The truth about Jez and Mickey’s relationship is revealed on Casualty and Mickey’s homophobic brother Scott isn’t happy about it.  The question is, when things get violent, who will pay the price?
  • Rhys and David’s relationship takes a turn when Rhys has his day in court on Rownd a Rownd.   Will these two get a happy ending?
  • Iolo and Tyler make their decision about whether to have a baby with Kelly on People of the Valley.   What did they decide?  I’ll give you a hint: I wasn’t happy about it.  At all.
  • I know a lot of stuff happened on Emmerdale, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it.  Maybe next week.  LOL…
  • On Hollyoaks, Scott is back from therapy.   But he may not be ready to face the world after his suicide attempt.

All this and more!

Casualty  (U.K.)

Oh!  What a cliffhanger!  I knew one of them would go over the balcony.  I thought it would be Mickey.  Whew!  

I’m glad Mickey finally stood up for himself and Jez.  Mickey running into Jez’s arms was a nice moment.  I still don’t think this ends well for Jez and Mickey though.  After all, Mickey is on the hook for what happened at the store.  So maybe he won’t die, but go to jail for his crimes.  But that way, he can come back down the line.

I know Scott is a racist murderer, but the dude is smoking.   I mean, just look at him.  LOL…

However, Ethan was totally wrong to tell Scott about Jez.  Ethan knew there would be violence, but he had no idea who would get hurt or how it would turn out.  In fact, it would be likely Scott would suffer the least in the melee.  It was only fate that it turned out how Ethan was secretly hoping it would.

No surprise that Scott knew Mickey was gay and just looked the other way.  The father knew.  Why wouldn’t Scott know as well?  That’s something they’d probably talk about, you know?

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I don’t know if Ron Carlivati can fix this mess.  He’s got a lot of work to do because is a dreadful story.  There’s just no suspense here.  We know Sonny didn’t do it and as the show pointed out last week, it’s unlikely the killer would be convicted because of the drug.  So it seems there are no real stakes and it’s much ado about nothing.

I thought it was funny that the only time Sonny can be bothered to see Ari is when he’s in jail.   He always has an excuse not to see her.  Sad that poor kid is used to seeing her parents behind bars.   And I rolled my eyes when Sonny said the toughest thing about going to jail would be leaving Ari.  Dude, you already abandoned her without a second thought.  Twice.

I did like that scene with Paul and Sonny after Sonny had been arrested.  I haven’t felt anything but annoyance about their relationship for months, but that came close to making me believe they actually love each other.  And with Will coming back, it’s important that Paul and Sonny’s relationship be well established and in a good place to raise the stakes.

I wonder if Victor will get Sonny off by framing someone else?  That’s a Victor thing to do.  And it would be a nice twist in the story depending on who it is.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

I’m glad the show didn’t have Scott come back from being hospitalized after his suicide attempt, be declared ‘cured’ and act like nothing had happened.  People don’t bounce back from these things in a day and it’s good the show is being honest about that.  Scott has never been my favorite character, but I want to see how he works through this and pulls his life together.  I don’t see how he can think that turning to his mother can lead to anything but more heartbreak though.  If she didn’t want him in her life before, why would she now?

People of the Valley  (Wales)

I’m annoyed that this show didn’t play this story for an entire week and when they did, Iolo and Tyler have decided to have the baby with Kelly and that Iolo will be the biological father.  I would have liked to have seen those moments with Iolo and Tyler coming to that decision so we’d know how and why they did it.

I mean, I assumed Iolo would be the baby daddy because he’s the lead character and most of the stories revolve around him.  Besides, there’s much more drama and dramatic issues if it’s Iolo’s baby.  But in terms of story I’d like to know why they chose Iolo.  I’m just bothered by key moments taking place off screen.  I hope this doesn’t continue as the story moves forward.

I still don’t like the story, but I’m glad they have something to do so I’ll roll with it.  Though have no doubt this will end in pain and heartache for Iolo.  I have a feeling Iolo won’t have a baby or a husband when this is said and done.

Rownd a Rownd (Wales)

Well, after all that, an off screen trial and Rhys and Will get off relatively lightly.  Shrug.  Now with all their problems behind them, Rhys and David can move forward as a couple.  I wonder where the show is going to with them from here.  We won’t find out for a while though as the show is on summer break and won’t be back for a couple of months.  I’ve enjoyed the story for the most part and I like them as a couple, even if much of it was your typicial coming out fare.  I just hope that the show has something good for them next season.  And no babies, please!

The Haves and the Have Nots (U.S.)

Like usual on this show, there was a whole lot of talking with nothing actually happening.  I mean, Jeffery and Wyatt had a pretty lengthy conversation about whether Jeffery would leave or not and Jeffery and Justin had a long back and forth that rehashed the events of much of last season.  The only thing that could be called story movement was Veronica finding out Justin was married.  And I do look forward to their talk next week, even though it’ll probably drag on and go nowhere.

I did like Justin trying to explain to Jeffery how he’s feeling.  I just wish the show would let Jeffery play something other than pissed.  It’s his constant expression no matter what scene he’s in.  It’s really hard to actually know how this character feels because he never actually expresses anything but anger with no real explanation what he’s angry about.  

I think Jeffrey and Justin are a pretty hot couple (even though they have no business being together).  But it would be nice if the show would actually give some insight on Jeffery’s feelings.  Does he actually like Justin?  We know he likes having sex with Justin.  A lot.  And who can blame him.  If it’s just that, then let’s say so.  But just give us something.


Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. It’s been a tough year and a half. I wouldn’t have minded the retcon too much if it hadn’t been used as a way to redeem Robert without doing anything to actually redeem him. I’m not particularly hopeful that they’ll continue to handle this well because Aaron’s been hit with amnesia before.

    I have trouble articulating how I think Robert feels about Aaron. I don’t think Robert actually knows Aaron well enough love really love him. He seems completely confused whenever Aaron’s mental illness manifests itself as if it were a thing that should have been dealt with already and only reappears if Aaron chooses to let it. This is a major source of the pressure that Aaron has been under as he has to present a healthy facade to Robert and can only cope in ways that he can hide from him. A related issue is Robert’s lack of respect for Aaron’s agency. He hid the money from Aaron because he was worried Aaron would want to use it to solve the various crises they and their families had. He hid the affair because he was worried Aaron would respond in a way that he wouldn’t like. He pushed Aaron to leave the village without telling any of his friends or family know because he was worried Aaron would change his mind. Even now, he’s determined to make Aaron take him back without ever considering what Aaron wants or needs. Sure, he’s sad that Aaron has left him, but he doesn’t seem to be sad enough to take a hard look at himself and figure out what he needs to change to be a better boyfriend to Aaron.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Emmerdale. This is the most character development we’ve seen for Aaron in over a year, and I’m interested in his story again. The show lost me with the sexual abuse retcon, but I’m ready to move on if they continue down this path of Aaron growing up and realizing how toxic Robert is for him no matter how much Aaron loves him. Robert has always been morally and ethically challenges, and my sense is that he really does care about Aaron but has no idea how to be in a committed relationship because his old habits will not die.

  3. Casualty: I thought Jez and Mickey would be over after he verbally attacked him. Even if Mickey was trying to protect Jez by keeping Scott from deciding how to deal with him, having to deal with that is too high a price of admission. However, after Mickey stood up to Scott and after the tragedy of Scott’s fall, I could see Jez deciding the worst was behind them.

    Too bad that you are probably right about Mickey’s involvement in the attack catching up with him. I can’t remember if the UK has a felony murder law, but just being the lookout will carry a significant sentence. I hope he doesn’t pop up later just to drag Jez of the show.

    Finally, how is Ethan involved in Scott’s care? If anything goes wrong, everyone involved in allowing that could get fired. Even if everything goes right, a spiteful Scott could cause a giant mess.

    Emmerdale: Last week was excellent. I was surprised when Aaron wasn’t thrilled by Robert’s windfall but instead pulled out all the receipts for the times when Robert let Aaron and his family stress over money. It became another example of Robert keeping his supposed husband in the dark because he was worried that he’d make a choice he wouldn’t like.

    It was sad watching Aaron finally break down after months of dealing with Robert’s actions and expectations. Robert’s handling of Aaron’s poor mental state was abysmal. How can someone who wants to be so clueless about his mental illness? He always treats it as if Aaron is being a burden if he isn’t able to handle everything on his own.

    It was good to see Aaron resist Robert’s attempts to manipulate him into staying with him by saying that he needed Aaron and refusing to accept that Aaron could love him and not want to be with him at the same time. A lot of the fans need to learn that. A person being distraught at someone leaving doesn’t mean that they have that person’s wellbeing as their priority. A person can pay some prices to be with someone while still selfishly refusing to change in other ways.

    Robert’s plan to leave the village without telling anyone in order to give Aaron distance from the baby that would remind him of Robert’s infidelity was horrible. It would isolate Aaron from all of his support network while doing nothing to credibly deal with the problems. Before they even left, Robert was already going behind Aaron’s back to make arrangements to have some involvement in his son’s life. Even if he hadn’t, Aaron couldn’t trust him not to do so in the future, and he probably shouldn’t expect him to. Furthermore, running away does nothing to address Robert’s tendency to cheat. Do they flee to a third country when Robert knocks up his woman on the side for a third time?

    I don’t blame Rebecca for telling Victoria. She had an obligation to tell her friend that outweighed anything that she owed to the man who treated her so poorly. If Robert felt obliged to give some support but couldn’t without it jeopardizing his plan to leave in secret, perhaps his plan was just not meant to be. Finally, Aaron’s violent outburst toward Robert was disturbing. It isn’t something that makes him even with Robert but a giant sign that they should break up.

    Hollyoaks: I’m enjoying Scott’s storyline for the first time. They are finally taking him seriously rather than involving him in plots where his actions are disconnected from reality.

    Holby: I look forward to seeing what Dom finds out.

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