Gays of Our Lives: Feels Like The First Time

In this week’s Gays Of Our Lives….

  • We take a look at the BBC mini-series The Man in The Orange Shirt, which features two love stories: one set shortly after World War II and the other in present day.  It shows again why the Brits always do it better.
  • Lofty and Dom have their first kiss on Holby City — and it doesn’t go well.  Is it over for these two before it begins?
  • There’s a new gay in town on Shortland Street and he has his eye on Jack.  Jack can barely handle Darryl and Charlie, is he ready for a third?
  • Easy tries to decide if he’s ready to have sex with a man for the first time on Unter Uns. But will tragedy get in the way of passion?
  • Aaron and David have barely gotten together before Aaron says ‘I love you’.  Will David say it back on Neighbours?
  • Aaron and Robert are split and Lawrence and Ronnie are on the rocks on Emmerdale.   Can either couple survive?

All this and more!

Emmerdale  (U.K.)

I figured with the entire Home Farm family leaving the show (except for Rebecca — at least until she gives birth) that Lawrence and Ronnie wouldn’t be getting a happy ending.  Their goodbye scenes were wonderfully acted and I guess Ronnie would have forgiven Lawrence (again) if it weren’t for Lawrence’s attack.  What is it about tv gay men where they’ll forgive their lovers any transgression?

I’ll miss Ronnie and I wish the show would have given he and Lawrence’s relationship more airtime and focus, especially since we never get to see older gay men on television.  When it started they had intimacy issues, but the show never really addressed them and then dropped the story thread altogether.  So much more could have been done with them if only the show would have bothered.

Lachlan continues to be a stupid psychopath by kidnapping Tim and keeping him on the Home Farm property.  Did he really think he could get away with it?  Hopefully we don’t have to hear anymore about Chrissie’s father though now that the whole story is out.  The show has never really handled this story well and I wonder if they never had a plan and were making it up as they go along.

I find Adam and Paddy’s being judgemental of Robert to be a bit much given that they both were unfaithful to their wives.  I can’t believe Robert hasn’t pointed that out.  Adam even thought he fathered another Vanessa’s baby — which Victoria forgave him for.

I do think it’s good that Aaron and Robert have broken up.  I’m sure they’ll get back together, but they needed the break after everything.  I’m glad scheming Robert is back though.  That’s the best Robert.  On the other hand, Aaron’s family antics are really boring.  He needs to do something, a real storyline like Robert has.

Holby City  (U.S.)

Does anybody really think that Lofty and Dom will stay just friends? There’s no way all that would have happened thus far for them to wind up only being BFF’s.   And Lofty looked regretful when he didn’t respond to Dom’s kiss.  This is just a bump on the road as they find each other.  Lofty didn’t respond to Dom for a reason, maybe he’s afraid of ruining the friendship?  He obviously have his own issues with relationships.  I guess at some point we’ll find out what they are.  

My guess is Dom will move on, perhaps start dating someone new and Lofty will realize he has to admit his feelings or lose Dom.   It’s really no surprise this happened, it’s far too soon for them to get together.   Dom is still recovering from his abusive relationship with Isaac and Lofty looks as if he had his own things to work out as well.  But I do think we’re headed for a really sweet, but emotionally messy romance.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Okay, so Harry and James slept together the night Amy died?  Why does James care about that staying a secret?  He’s single. I’m puzzled about that.

Harry’s constant, endless whining about Ste is so pathetic.  It’s really unfortunate how this character doesn’t exist other than to be a prop for Ste and his problems.  I like that James is the only one who sees it, but he’s got his own agenda wanting Ste gone.  I hope Ste and Harry never get married, but they probably will.  And then Ste will cheat on Harry (with Ryan, of course).  Rinse, wash, repeat.

Ste stopped taking his HIV meds because he didn’t want people to know he was positive, but what would happen if he were to get sick?  Wouldn’t the other convicts find out then?  Makes no sense.

It is too bad that Scott and Damon are brothers.  They actually do have chemistry.  I like the strange little triangle between Scott, Damon and Brody as they both angle for Damon’s (platonic) affections.  But I need for Scott to not revert back to his old ways.  That’s what made the character so unpalatable before.

Leela should never forgive that idiot Zack for leaving her baby in a locked car, even if he thought it was for a minute.  Nope.  Never.

I know it’s sounds odd to say on a show with so many gay/bi men, but this show needs more.  Too many of them are single and there’s no one for them to sleep with that they haven’t been with already.


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