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10 Things New Supernatural Fans Need to Know

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With the Season 13 premiere of The CW’s Supernatural just hours away, we came up with 10 things new fans of Supernatural need to know. Beware, there may be some (okay, a lot) spoilers!The day we’ve all been waiting for is almost here! Season 13 of Supernatural premieres October 12 and all is right with the TV world. When we last saw left our precious angel baby Winchester brothers, they’d just survived the fight of their lives, and lost two (but really three if you count Crowley and believe me, I DO) of the most important people in their lives. And now, they’re facing a whole new threat in the form of the Antichrist, otherwise known as Jack.

But before we delve right into the new season, I wanted to welcome new fans to the warm and awesome bosom of the Supernatural fandom.

Aside from the supernatural thrill, the terrifying monsters, smart, pop culture-laced humor, and kick ass soundtrack, there are some things that our fandom just knows about our boys. In the spirit of awesomeness, I thought I’d help prepare you for this season with a list of things every Supernatural fan needs to know. Enjoy and welcome to the hunt!

10)They’re hot.

Seriously, the Winchesters are probably the hottest brothers on all of TV, in all time. Forever. Dean, played by the gorgeous Jensen Ackles, is the older, protective brother. He’s a total badass, tough guy with a heart of gold. He will literally make your ovaries explode 2-3 times an episode, at minimum. Sam, played by the equally gorgeous Jared Padalecki, is sensitive, smart, and caring, while also being a total badass. And have you seen his hair?! But it’s not just them! Their bestie is a freaking angel played by a total babe, Misha Collins. Their dad? Jeffrey Dean Morgan! The younger version of their dad? Matt Cohen! Their mom is a total hottie, both young and old! Amy Gumenick and Samantha Smith, respectively! I mean, come on.

9) They die. Like a lot.

Not a lot of shows can get away with killing their leads and not lose a crapload of fans. However, Supernatural is, as always, an exception to the rule. Sam & Dean have died something like a combined 118 Times, give or take a few deaths. Granted, most of those deaths were all in one episode (Season 3 – Mystery Spot), but still. That’s not even the craziest part. The craziest part is that every death still tugs at your heartstrings. I’ve cried way more times than I care to admit after watching Sam’s reaction to seeing Dean die for the 5th time, and even worse, Dean’s reaction to seeing Sam die for the third time. Because let me tell you, Jensen Ackles is the KING of the single man tear. Believe me, you’ll cry. Other places may also become damp, but I digress!

8) They have serious Mommy issues

From episode one, you’ll see the tragic murder of their mother by a yellow-eyed demon is what pulled the Winchester men into the world of hunting. Never was a mother more beloved than Mary Winchester was. They talk about her ALL the time. Seriously, their lives were devoted to avenging her. And if you think her death messed them up, wait until you see how her rebirth screws with them! Seriously.

7) …And Daddy Issues

Dear old, super sexy, Dad forced his young boys to learn to hunt after his wife was murdered by a demon, in turn forcing them to grow up way too soon. He would leave them for days at a time to go on solo hunting trips, disappearing from their lives, often losing contact for extended periods. Dean hero worshipped his dad but Sam, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, they both loved their Dad and he loved them (hell, he sacrifices his life/soul to save Dean) but his constant absences, many secrets, and tough love left them with serious trust issues and plenty of buried resentment.

6) They’ve got friends in high places

Oh my Chuck (this will make sense in a sec), do they have some powerful friends! Dean’s best friend? Castiel (played by Misha Collins), an angel. His friend Tessa? A Grim Reaper. One of many powerful allies? A trickster aka Gabriel, the Archangel. The late Kevin Tran? A prophet of the Lord! Chick who has a serious crush on Dean? Amara, or as fans know her, God’s flipping sister! Close friend, author of the Supernatural book series, and occasional savior? Chuck Shurley aka God. Yeah, I said it. GOD. Like I said, friends in really high places.

5) And really low places

And on occasion, they’ve been known to slum it. Dean’s best frenemy and the man who coined their iconic nicknames, Moose (Sam) & Squirrel (Dean)? Crowley, the King of Hell (Mark Sheppard). Dean was even besties with a vampire named Benny for a while. At one point, Sam was hooking up with Ruby, (first played by Katie Cassidy, and later by Genevieve Padalecki) a treacherous, manipulative demon who tricked Sam into opening the Gates of Hell. Then there’s Meg (Rachel Miner), another demon, also involved with Sam (he has really terrible taste in women), but she eventually shifted to more of a neutral side. She and Cas had an adorable flirtation going on that ended WAY too soon if you ask me. Dean’s had plenty of oddly friendly conversations with several Grim Reapers, and even odder, Death himself. Until Dean killed him with his own scythe, that is. But that’s another story.

4) Family comes first

Sam and Dean have a devotion to each other that is borderline unhealthy and I am here for it! They are each other’s first priority, which is so heartwarming to watch. Trust me, you’ll get used to Dean’s growl of “SAM!” whenever Sam is in danger. Sam’s equally ferocious bellow of “DEAN!” is just as iconic and adorable. I know it sounds weird, but I guarantee you, there’s not a Supernatural fan out there that hasn’t mimicked those bellows (or recited the family motto: “Saving People, Hunting Things. The Family Business”) But it’s not just each other that they’re loyal to. Once they let you into the Winchester circle, you’re family and they will ride or die for you. Literally. It’s a beautiful thing.

3) Our Fandom is everywhere. Seriously.

I dare you to find a topic that we can’t find a Supernatural gif for that applies perfectly. You can’t. It doesn’t exist. Don’t believe me? Go search Tumblr. Our fandom is known for jumping into any conversation about any topic and posting the perfect gif. I’m telling you.

2) When they say they’ve been to hell and back? They mean it.

The Winchesters have had it rough. And half the time, it’s because they’re so damn devoted to each other; they’re damn near suicidal. John Winchester sold his soul to save Dean, but then Sam died so Dean sold his soul to save Sam. Dean went to hell, and spent 30 years being tortured (about 4 months on Earth), until Castiel dragged him out. Later, Sam sacrifices himself to stop Lucifer (played to perfection by Mark Pellegrino) by throwing himself into the Pit of Hell, where both Lucifer and a trapped Archangel, Michael, tortured him as revenge. Later, as part of the Trials to permanently seal the Gates of Hell, Sam sneaks back into Hell. He also goes back to Hell to talk to Lucifer when an even worse baddie shows up. I know! Worse than Lucifer?? Turns out, not so much, but maybe just a smidge. The only thing I’ll say is don’t piss off God’s sister when all she wants is to be loved.

1 ) Hello?! They’re hot!

Okay, I know I already covered this, but I don’t think you can really relay the true scope of hotness that exists on that show without visual aids. And so I present to you the Cast of Supernatural!

Jen Petrovich
Jen Petrovich is an unabashed fangirl of all things angsty, romantic, and ass-kickery on television. Her taste varies wildly from campy soaps to heart-wrenching dramas, hilarious comedies to kick ass superhero shows, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Sarcastic and known to sob hysterically while TV, Jen’s favorite thing to do is watch her shows and then tweet the hell out of them.

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  2. I love supernatural i really want to go to one of their Cons. I watch way too many of them online J2 is so funny and cute in real life so is Misha

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