General Hospital Spoilers: October 16-20, 2017 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Franco’s nightmares haunt him. Also: Patient 6 takes stock of his surroundings; Sam makes a bold move; Michael’s paranoia grows. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 16, 2017.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Nightmares and New Beginnings

Betsy told Franco that Drew died of a bad heart but should she be trusted? Look for some of the missing pieces to the puzzle to begin surfacing. Franco is tormented by nightmares. What’s behind his restless nights? His frustration continues to amplify. Franco makes an appeal. Is the artist his own worst enemy or is there something else at the root of his anxiety? Meanwhile, Jason’s determination stays strong. Sam makes a bold decision that will effect her future. While Nina finds an unlikely ally, Sam uses Maxie to her advantage. Patient 6 examines his surroundings. Ava welcomes a visitor. The femme fatale is trying her best to be better; will she agree to help? Ava stands her ground. Griffin is hit with the weight of his life-changing decision. Will he come to terms with his choice?

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Also this week:

Stella makes strides to keep some family order. Curtis is in for a shock. Does he find some surprising intel during his investigation? Carly receives information that leaves her cold. Michael begins to grow paranoid.

Kevin offers a much needed sympathetic ear. Meanwhile, Laura is left in suspense after Kevin’s impromptu proposal.

  • Alexis worries about Kristina.
  • Scott gets the wrong idea.
  • Anna crosses Finn.
  • Josslyn hits a dead end.
  • Nathan worries about his marriage.
  • Olivia wants more for her husband.

Source Sneak Peek:

Griffin reconnects with Anna. Sam has a huge announcement. Monica hands down a family heirloom. Andre diverts Franco’s attention.


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  1. i don’t give a damn about sam and Jason all I care is what happened to Franco I know betsy is lying drew did something to Franco and Elizabeth doesn’t see that Franco is hurting all she cares is her precious Jason not everything has to be about Jason it’s about what happened to Franco as a kid

  2. I agree with you everybody did horrible things in P.C. but Love to throw back at Elizabeth or Franco too. Sam call Elizabeth lie everytimes she said to Jason watch show.We see so many people in Port Charles do horrible things but your don’t see them got it throw back in they face so times as they do Elizabeth.

  3. I know I’m tired of everybody on GH acting like their so perfect yes Franco did horrific things but so have most of those fools in Port Charles and Elizabeth wonders why he wants to keep it a secret. Whatever everybody can take several seats and get off their high imaginary 🏇

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