Days of our Lives Week in Review: The Power of Love

All of Salem gathers as the double wedding begins.

Days of Our Lives had me in my feelings all of this last week! There were highs and lows and lots of in between as well, but most if not all were enjoyable. The entire canvas seemed to be out this last week whether they were major factors in story or there to help push it along, it warmed the heart to see so many familiar faces behaving in familiar ways. This all made this last week one of the strongest, most engaging weeks for DAYS in a very long time.

Kudos to everyone involved for not giving me much to rant about and more to rave about! Let’s check out some of my picks and pans from Days of Our Lives episodes airing September 25-29, 2017.

Picks of the Week

Weddings, Parties, Anything

The absolute, undisputed winner of this last week was love. Romantic love played a huge part in stories leading up to the double wedding, but there was a heaping helping of friendships and familial love too that could not be ignored. The amount of warmth radiating from these characters for one another was unprecedented if you look back on the last decade! Salemites are a community again, a loving community that supports one another through the best times – and surely through the worst times set to come. I cannot commend Ron Carlivati, Sheri Anderson, Ryan Quan and their writing team enough for bringing these fuzzy feelings back to Salem.

Those bachelor and bachelorette party scenes though? I think that episode was the single most fun I’d had watching DAYS in years. While I wish the ladies had gotten as turnt up as the guys did, I appreciated all the parties for what they displayed – happy, warm friendships between people who have been in each other’s lives for years. I also appreciated that stripper… man, I wish we could keep him. I’m begging to keep him actually!

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Then there was the big double wedding, of course the main source of these fuzzy feelings this last week. But outside of that moment, in their own little bubble were Julie and Doug Williams romancing it up. I mentioned last week that having them back on screen again with Julie defiantly stating they will be going on no more cruises, just feels so right. These two are the rightful heirs of the patriarch and matriarch seats of Salem and after so many years of shuffling them to the side; it feels like they’ve been positioned just right now. Though the scene was cut (shouldn’t have been, but oh well!), Julie surprised Doug with the unveiling of the new Doug’s Place after buying out (awful) Club TBD. What followed was a scene so saccharine that I almost wanted to turn away from my screen – in the best way! Just like old times, Doug serenaded his Julie while dancing in their new hotspot and it just felt right. Interspersed between scenes of new lovers coming together in matrimony, seeing a set of characters (and actors) who have loved for decades right before us expressing that love just solidified what this whole last week was about.

Also, I never realized how much I’d come to love Paul Narita until I saw him be nervously giddy with John Black and Marlena Evans, it was absolutely adorable! While his mother and grandfather couldn’t make it, his father and step-mother were there to guide him to the altar. For a character with a dubious retconned history, I really have come to enjoy him as part of the Black family. It was such a smart move to have him seek counsel from this often married pair which was perfectly weaved in with flashbacks to their illustrious romance. That said, I ached for just a little flashback of some Deveraux family love too! One of the biggest highlights of the week for me was Jennifer Horton pointing out the different features in her children and grandson that reminded her of Jack Deveraux. Is the Horton-Deveraux clan the most complete family unit in Salem? Pretty much everyone is accounted for except the patriarch. Even so, seeing them all together in one room is enough to make me melt. They all have such great chemistry together that was showcased so well when Abigail was prepping for the wedding. It felt like peeking in on a scene from a real life family – which is how these characters should always make us feel.

I honestly didn’t just like or love these scenes, I adored and appreciated them too! As we head into fall and “Salem on steroids” kicks off, we’ll probably be seeing all of these fortified bonds be tested. Now with a team penning these stories that understands these characters, I don’t doubt that the possibilities to come from all of these trials will be entertaining.

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