Days of our Lives Week in Review: The Power of Love

All of Salem gathers as the double wedding begins.

The Way You Make Me Feel

While the writers put the story on paper and dream them up, it’s the production crew that makes it all a reality. It has to be said, DAYS’ budget is nowhere near what it used to be and that’s why these events either are few and far in between or just nonexistent. There seemed to be nothing held back for this double wedding and it really showed! Every member of the behind the scenes crew deserve a round of applause for staging a set of episodes that truly showcased the community of Salem.

The interrupted wedding has been done countless times before – and that’s fine as long as each wedding brings something different. Not only will this wedding’s crasher kick off a story that’ll affect the entire town of Salem, but the event itself was also vastly different in comparison to others. Just look at it! Only a few spots in the St. Luke’s pews were filled with extras while the smiling familiar faces of our beloved Salemites took up the others. Most of the show’s main cast was actually present in an unprecedented move! It’s crazy, it’s become hard to count how many recent weddings have we had to see in a character’s living room or a coffee shop with just a handful of their friends or family. Thank God that changed this last week. Did you all notice the luscious flower arrangements or the cast’s wardrobe that actually looked expensive? What a switch from the recent past.

The biggest point that resonated with me direction wise was seeing each character in that church gaze off to a loved one in the middle of the vows. I can’t imagine the amount of effort it must have taken to pull that off with so many people filming that day, but the scene played out so seamlessly and beautifully. There had to have been some choreography involved! I also really enjoyed the way Ben Rogers’ escape scenes were filmed.

The audience knew who it was thanks to living in the age of online spoilers, but having his face concealed the entire time and not even revealing him in Friday’s cliffhanger amped up the throwback feelings. It was almost like watching DAYS back in 2004 when every day something was happening, a mystery was unfolding and as a viewer, you just itched to know what was coming next. The production crew has been fabulously translating that back onto our screens and I’m hooked!