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Welcome the first edition of TV Source’s new Soap Reaction Social Media feature. Curated by the TV Source team, each iteration will feature a mixture of Q&A commentary and/or a roundup of the best comments from #SoapTwitter. This week’s edition focuses features our editor’s Q&A commentary on ABC’s General Hospital.

Over the coming weeks the format may be tweaked, but generally you’ll see a mixture of Q&A commentary and some of the best comments on Twitter from your favorite daytime soaps. Some weeks will focus on one show, others will focus on all four. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this feature (and more).

Social Media Mailbag: GH reACTION


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I’m of two mindsets regarding the “Man Landers” story. One – it was completely absurd, unnecessary filler of a storyline featuring a character that pretty much had been an extra for months leading up to it. Nathan, an undercover cop, is going to be the public face of a book deal that came as a result of a blog from an underdeveloped, barely seen character? I have many issues with the execution and the way Nathan was basically guilted into going along with Amy’s plan, but my criticism aside, it allowed for Ryan Paevey to stretch his chops a bit and play a character we don’t really get to see. Ryan is a charming guy and a great actor – he can do so much more than just be cop Nathan and Maxie’s love interest. Anyone who’s seen his Hallmark projects can tell you that. I hope he was able to win some more people over despite its absurdity.

As for what I would have done differently? My idea would have Lulu overhearing Nathan confiding in Dante about his fears regarding his marriage and Maxie’s move. Lulu would then approach Kevin and let him know how much Nathan is struggling, and Kevin offer some free advice and suggests Nathan journals what he’s feeling. Later, after a bad visit with Maxie he starts an anonymous blog, not expecting anyone to pick up on it. A few months later, someone brings the blog to Nina’s attention and she runs a feature on the mysterious man in touch with his feelings, not aware that she’s exposing her brother’s business in such a public manner. This would cause Nathan to explode at Nina over firing Maxie in the first place, Maxie realizing how much her absence is affecting her marriage and returns home to fix things. Something along those lines.

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GH spent months trying to “redeem” Julian and failed miserably in the process. The retcon was messy and didn’t fully express Julian’s POV. Rather than try to redeem him through heroic actions, I’d have him go on a journey of acceptance and owning his shit. Have him admit he’s failed as a husband, as a father and as a person. Have him seek out therapy and after a few sessions, Kevin wants to make Julian the subject of a new clinical novel.

Mention that Lucas’ shooting on Luke’s orders had him terrified of what could happen to Sam, Danny or Alexis’ children, and when Olivia Jerome began threatening him he should have reached out for help. But he didn’t. And now he has to live with the consequences of his actions. Play up the feelings between Julexis, but don’t go there. Involve Alexis in her own therapy sessions, where she breaks down about what Julian did to her. Make him see and feel what he’s done.

Alexis will face harsh criticism from her friends and family, and she should throw their hypocrisy back in their faces – Jason threatening to kill Sam (Sam’s own misdeeds re: Jake and hiring goons), Sonny and Carly’s various abhorrent actions over the years, etc., and yet they managed to move past their dark times. Don’t judge her unless their willing to judge themselves and the ones they love too.

Will it ever be the same? For me, no. The magic that once existed — the purity of their love after decades apart — was destroyed last year. But couples have come back from worse. I just hope GH creative handles whatever possible reunion with long-term care, address the self-inflicted issues and not do that again.

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The lack of desire to write anything for Lulu and Dante that doesn’t involve babies has annoyed me for a long while now. I don’t understand the desire to saddle young, vibrant characters with children and make them the focal point of everything, but such is life for Lante. They really do need separate stories that have nothing to do with wanting kids.

I love Lante, but they’re stale. Their short-lived breakup skipped over a lot and when they were slapped back together I feel like a lot of issues that could have played out was ignored. They need a shake up to reinvigorate the characters both solo and together.

I’d like to see Lulu explore new career opportunities and interact with more characters in town. The same with Dante. They’re both floundering right now with no real purpose.

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In my recently published piece “General Hospital: Renewed Interest After a Three-Month Break,” I lay out some of my initial thoughts on the appeal of the story and how it drew me back into the show. I will dive deeper into the JaSam 2.0 vs. JaSam aspect within the next two weeks.

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  1. I want to know why Valerie doesn’t have a storyline or a part of someone’s storyline. Why isn’t Jordan part of a storyline either. I just want to know why Carly and Valerie never have scenes together. Why isn’t Dillon on more. I wish we saw more of Mac and Felicia.

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