Supernatural Recap: Two Men and a Grown-Up Baby Devil

Supernatural -- "Lost and Found -- Image Number: SN1301a_0112r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- ©2017 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved.
Supernatural — “Lost and Found — Image Number: SN1301b_0264.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Ish Morris as Conrad, Alexander Calvert as Jack and Erika Walter as Lily — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — ©2017 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved.

Back at the police station, lights are a ’flickering, and there’s creepy noises echoing around, and you know what that means. Shit’s about to get real. The sheriff does what no one should EVER do in this situation, and goes to investigate. But there’s nothing crazy going on, just her son and Jack sitting on the floor in front of a vending machines, munching down on candy, which he got from touching the vending machine and making it go on the fritz. Her son is impressed, but the sheriff is normal, so she’s totally freaked out. Jack doesn’t know how he did that, but before they can talk about it, a high pitched whistle pierces his ears and when the sheriff tries to see if he’s okay, Jack accidentally anti-gravity’s her, sending her flying.

He stumbles away, obviously in excruciating pain, and spots Dean in the lobby. He immediately gets ready to attack my boo (rude!), but Sam tases him from behind. What a man. Unfortunately, the sheriff is not as impressed as I am, and tosses Sam and Jack behind bars, keeping Dean for questioning. I get her, because I’d also keep Dean, if ya know what I mean? Surprisingly, Dean comes right out and tells her they’re hunters, and that Jack is a nephilim. She handles it pretty damn well and seems to believe him. Back in their cell, Jack wakes up and sees Sam and his eyes go all glowy gold, but Sam calms him down. Jack explains that whenever he gets scared, things happen that he can’t control. What’s scaring him now is angel radio, because they sound so angry and loud.

Because our darling Moose is such a nerd, he wants to know how Jack can do all things he can, when he’s not even a day old yet. Jack explains that he can talk because his mother taught him, that he was part of her when he was inside of her. She told him that the world was a dangerous place, and that he had to grow up fast, which is why he chose to be born as an adult, and why he’s looking for his father, so his dad can protect him. When Sam explains that Lucifer doesn’t really do that, Jack tells him that Lucifer isn’t his father, Castiel is. Well, that’s unexpected and heartbreaking. Sam has to break the news to Jack that Cas didn’t make it.

Outside, we see Drunky is actually an angel, working with the other jerk angels. Meanwhile, Dean is telling Sam that the sheriff believed him and is letting them go. When he suggests they go somewhere quiet to off Jack, Sam tells them that Jack isn’t evil, he’s just a kid and they need him. But before he can explain why, the sheriff’s son calls out for help. And there’s Drunky, holding an angel blade to the kid’s throat. Drunky tells Dean that he’s Becky, the roommate who destroys everything he touches and he needs to die. She tells the sheriff to shoot Dean or she’ll kill her son. I’m sorry, sheriff, but the choice is clear. Save Dean. But when her friends send her a message via angel radio that they’ve found Jack, she stabs the kid anyway. What a bitch.

Dean and Angel McBitch go at it, while Sam takes on the two angels in the back. Clearly, it’s not an even fight, and he goes down. But because my Moose is a smarty-pants, he uses the blood dripping from his mouth and nose to make an Enochian symbol, and blasts the angels out of there. If Jack’s glowing veins are any indication, he’s affected, but not enough to blast him out of there too. Dean’s gotten the upper hand on Angel McBitch, and she admits they want Jack because he’s the golden ticket. He can do almost anything. Dean looks hopeful, but Angel McBitch smirks that she said almost anything, because Cas is all the way dead. She breaks free and goes after Jack, but Sam and Dean surround her. Rather than surrender, she stabs Jack through the cell bars, prompting Sam to kill her. Finally, because I really didn’t like her. Sam and Dean look at Jack in horror, but he just slides the blade out of his chest and tells them he’s fine. Sam and Dean look at each other the same way I’m staring at my screen. Because holy hell. Literally.

Sam and Dean agree to bring Jack home to the bunker with them, but not for the same reasons. Sam is convinced that Jack isn’t evil, but Dean’s not buying it. He just wants him in sight until he can figure out a way to end him. They drive to the cabin first to put Castiel to rest. Sam is still in denial, trying to convince himself that Chuck can bring Cas back, but Dean tells him he already tried asking. We flashback to Dean waiting outside the restaurant, where he prays to Chuck. At first, he’s angry and demanding, because after everything they’ve sacrificed, they deserve this much. He tells Chuck they’ve lost everything, and he wants them all back, even Crowley. When nothing happens, he punches the door until his hands are raw and bloody. His face crumbles, and he lets out one last plea, “Please. Please help.” I died.

Jensen Ackles is seriously so underrated, because he is beyond talented. The nuances in his voice, the expression on his face as it shifts from vengeful to desolate just breaks my heart. He needs all the awards. The same can be said for Jared Padalecki, who portrays Sam’s wounded innocence so well. It’s endearing and shattering at the same time.

Sam takes Jack upstairs to see his mother in a quiet, but sad and touching scene, while Dean tries to say goodbye to Castiel. He’s struggling so much with this loss, and it hurts to watch. Sam tries to teach Jack to say goodbye to Cas, while they stand beside the funeral pyre. Dean joins them, saying goodbye to Kelly, Castiel, Crowley, and Mary. Sam is startled, arguing that they don’t know that Mary is dead. But Dean disagrees. They both know that the minute Lucifer realized they trapped him in that alternate world he killed Mary. Sam looks devastated but doesn’t argue.

But Dean’s wrong. In the alternate world, Mary is alive and running from Lucifer. When Lucifer catches her, she asks him if he’s going to kill her. Lucifer shrugs and admits he is, before he shoves her face first towards a spike. But right before she’s impaled, he catches her, teasing that he might need her after all. Her long-suffering expression says it all. She’s in for a rough ride, but not us. This is going to be fun.

The season is off to a strong start, and I’m excited to see what my honey bunches have in store! Thoughts?