TV Source Podcast Ep 10 – Soap Talk – Promos, Kissing, Twins and Stabby Old Ladies

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The TV Source Podcast talks about soap operas during November sweeps: General Hospital’s riding a wave of momentum on the strength of the Tale of Two Jasons, Days of our Lives steps into topical storytelling with Theo’s shooting, The Young and the Restless has hooker apps and stabby senior citizens and The Bold and the Beautiful has, well, phallic buildings collapsing.

Check out a preview of the rundown for the episode taped November 13, 2017:

  • One story is propelling General Hospital – The Tale of Two Jasons has been a great way to get back into the show, but the other storylines could use some work. We’re giving the new creative team time to effect more change, but we’re hoping it happens sooner than later. Also: GH overtakes Y&R in the key demo for the week of 10/30 – a fluke or a sign of things to come? We say don’t read too much into it.
  • The Young and the Restless – The end of Cane and Lily, drama with Hilary and Dina’s stabby tendencies.
  • The Bold and the Beautiful is anything but Bold at the moment – We discuss the interview head writer/showrunner Brad Bell gave to TV Insider re: plans for the show, and why none of the minorities have storylines of note. We had opinions, obviously. Also: WTF kissing?
  • Days of our Lives dares to be bold – With a mixture of classic soap tropes and socially conscious storylines, DAYS is the mixed bag every soap should aspire to be. Theo’s shooting is a lot a more than a “ripped from the headlines” tale, and we explain why. Also: Will thinks he’s EJ DiMera and that “Oh Our Effing God” November Promo.

Episode Run-time: 01:30.

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Johnathon K.
Johnathon K. is a staff writer for TV Source Magazine. With a love of soaps, the Super Sentai Series and gaming, John's passion comes through in his writing and as a featured host of the TV Source Podcast, where he also serves as producer. In 2019, John launched his own podcast series "Our Take Media" which gives his take on various things in TV from soaps to reality television.

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  1. Very interesting PODCast, Do appreciate that everyone get to speak on their thoughts and with such clarity. No one here not trying to out do the other.. Good PodCast, seems you guys are so in love with DOOL. Everything is said about BnB so true so over dose on Sally everyday.. Missing Maya and Rick.. Glad Juliette is dead she serve no purpose, Hilary is such a messed wonder if the character will be going soon since she sure racking up enemies.. GH the 2 Jasons seems very one sided, and yes GH top YR in one demo lets see if they can keep it going.. Hoping Tessa and Crystal go same way as Juliette such waste. Devon was good when he was poor and doing his music, now give him all that money make his ass boring.

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