Days of our Lives Week in Review: Will Reclaims His Time

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It’s wild to think that Days of Our Lives has not at all slowed down since August. While this last week was a little quieter, the drama was still thick in the air. Family from all over returned to Salem this last week to disrupt the canvas in a new way as arcs within the bigger story begin to head to a close! This last week felt like a soft start to those stories and it will be very interesting to see how DAYS will end its 2017. We all know it started off rough and rocky, but it’s very possible that it can end on a high note! With that said, let’s check out my top pick and pan from the week of December 4th, 2017 on Days of Our Lives!

Pick of the Week

  • Don’t Believe The Hype

Anyone who knows me also knows that there is nothing like a fresh batch of Sonny Kiriakis tears to get me going. Knowing that Sonny will soon be crying day in and day out has my heart racing in anticipation, but my absolute favorite part of the story comes from a character who was never my favorite. I’m beginning to rethink my stance on Chandler Massey’s Will Horton as the character navigates through his new-old life. Gone is the grinning boy scout from DAYS past and here to stay is… the still grinning, but slightly more dastardly Will Horton that I can get behind!

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This last week, Aunt Belle Brady flew in from Hong Kong with a truth bomb that shook Will to his core. No, he wasn’t the golden boy that all of his family made him out to be but he was an adulterer who made mistakes like everyone else. I never expected Belle to be the one to spill the tea, but in this instance I think it worked really well because she wasn’t doing it maliciously, she assumed she was helping. It felt like no one had filled her in on the plan to sugar coat twentysomething years of Will’s life to him and when she learned they had; Belle wondered why in the hell they thought that plan would work anyway. I’m in the same boat with her on that subject! If you want your version of Will back, then you should welcome him back with his flaws and everything else that comes with that package.

Speaking of packages, as soon as Will heard he’d hooked up with his step-uncle Paul Narita, he fled the scene to check out his package. The collective Twitter screaming from DAYS fans when Will begged for Paul to remind him of whether or not their sex was good was like music to my ears. Will is a young gay man who never truly got to experience life as a young gay man. The ever persistent Sonny Kiriakis had him locked into the proverbial ball and chain in an instant, barely allowing Will to breathe the air outside of the closet before he did. I was ecstatic to see Will be curious about his sexual exploits because this new version of Will had to quell his desires at Susan Banks’ behest. But now he’s free to live it up and throw himself at the handsome, muscled hunk in front of him. For me, this version of Will has proven to be more exciting and magnetic than the original. He’s out to get what he wants instead of letting others force feed him whatever they want him to hear. I think it’s incredible to see Will take back control of his life in this almost poetic way; for so long, Will lived for his family and now with those ties broken, he can let loose and be a little selfish.

What I’ve always wanted from Will’s coming out was to see him gradually explore his sexuality – both the highs and lows of being a young gay man. Instead, he was saddled with Sonny and written this idealistic story that was just an absolute clunker. Now that Sonny broke off things with Paul in hopes of rekindling his romance with Will, I cannot wait to see how it all backfires on him. From Will stealing a smooch from Paul and heavily alluding to it when Sonny appeared, to Paul snappily letting Sonny know that Will isn’t into him and right down to the fact that Christopher Sean and Chandler Massey have some of the best natural chemistry on DAYS (more than either has had with Freddie Smith), this story is set to be some seriously salacious fun! Let that freak flag fly, Will!

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