Days of our Lives Week in Review: Will Reclaims His Time

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Pan of the Week

  • It’s Tricky

Family woes always seem to ride at a steady 100 miles per hour in Salem. No matter what, you’ll have a cousin or a step-something-or-other out to get you! Claire Brady learned that this week after her aunt Ciara Brady… drove her motorcycle into the enclosed town square? I’m still not exactly sure of the mechanics of Horton Town Square but that was but a small detail. The biggest, most compelling part of the story was having Bo and Hope Brady’s daughter back on screen with an actress that is engaged, excited – and awake. But why did is she added to the pan of the week? Well, here’s why.

She’s doing way too much. Way too much. I do love Claire and while I think Olivia Keegan hasn’t been handling her most recent material the best, I do think she’s made Claire into a fully-fledged character. I mean, there’s a reason why she’s the last remaining out of the whole teen set, right? With that being said, the character of Claire has had some slip ups and mishaps but for Ciara to ride into town blaming Claire for Theo Carver’s shooting? It’s a bit much. The two friends had moved on past Claire hiding Ciara’s love note (1955, much?) from what I can remember and for months, Ciara had been pining for Chad DiMera… So tell me exactly what she has to be mad about? I truly appreciate Carlivati, Anderson and Quan for returning that undeniable fire back on inside of Ciara but it’s currently burning a little too hot. While absolutely in character (if you take into consideration Lauren Boles’ version), Ciara felt much more like an annoying fly buzzing around Claire’s ear all week.

I am hoping that we finally get to see these two as rivals a la Sami and Carrie Brady. I’d just much rather have that rivalry have a concrete base. Thinking that Theo’s entire life would be different if he chose Ciara after she ditched him for his uncle is just unrealistic. It makes me wonder if they’re going to be moving Ciara into that irrational bad girl that her cousin Sami was known to embody. It’s pretty clear from the writing that Ciara is might be the one to blow up Rafe Hernandez’s affair with his ex-wife, maybe setting her off on an even more destructive course similar to Sami’s in the 90’s. That I can watch and understand why Ciara is behaving so badly.

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