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5 Burning Questions for The 100 Season Five

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Though we’re still months away from the return of The CW’s The 100, my excitement for the series couldn’t be any higher. Season Four ended with a major cliffhanger that had me wondering what we can expect in the new season. Here are five burning questions for the fifth season of The 100.
***If you haven’t finished the fourth season I’d advise you turn away now. There will be spoilers ahead, and no one likes to be spoiled (accidentally).***

5) Who are the Eligius Crew — are they the new big bad or will we come to see them in shades of grey?

 They may be coming down in a prisoner ship, but let’s not forget The 100 started as a show about 100(101 counting Bellamy) delinquents coming down to Earth. We forgive our heroes everything because they do what they do to survive, as all villains on this show have done. Are the Eligius gang simply the new 100?

4) WonKru/Octavia:

It’s no secret that as the seasons have progressed, Octavia has taken a darker and darker turn. It’s hard to imagine the “Skairipa” from last season being the same girl in the butterfly field in season one. For better or for worse, she’s in charge of the 1200 souls below the ground in the bunker. The time of the commander might be over, but that doesn’t change the fact that now she’s the HBIC. How will she handle it?  With so many people having been raised as enemies for so long is it possible for everyone to truly put aside their differences and just get a long for six long years? Probably not. Which begs the question, what is Wonkru/BunkerKru’s method of “floating” for crimes? Also, why is Octavia covered in blood?

3)Kane and Abby…and a baby?

It’s a popular theory and it could make sense that instead of A.L.I.E’s chip messing with Abby’s brain it was actually pregnancy. Further, Kane expressly went against Abby’s desire to sacrifice herself at the end of season four, a decision he knew she would be angry about.  It also ties back in to the bunker and begs the question, for a space that can only host 1200 people, how would pregnancy be handled, especially under the reign of the girl under the floor.

2) Who is Madi?

Our information on the child nightblood that Clarke found is limited at best and viewers don’t even know her name if they’re not active on social media or in The 100 fandom.  We know that her name is Madi, she’s 12, and Clarke found her one year after Praimfaya hit. How did a child so young survive on her own for so long? Does she remember her parents? Is there a chance in hell her parents are in the bunker and they left her to fate when the radiation wave hit? Was she borderline feral when Clarke found her? Was Clarke borderline insane from being alone so long when she found her? So many questions.


Relationships are the driving factor behind any show. Explosions and survival and death are cool and all, but would it be as interesting if we didn’t care about the characters and their ties to each other? Our three leads are split: Bellamy in space with Raven, Murphy, Emori, Echo, Monty, and Harper; Clarke is down on the 3% of habitable land on Earth with Madi; and Octavia is once again under the floor with 1200 people that depend on her. Six years is a very long time and people and relationships change. Will Kane and Abby still be together after this time jump (baby or no baby)? Will the vibes between Miller and Jackson be explored further or the chemistry between Niylah and Octavia? Are Murphy and Emori still together (is she even still alive?), did Monty and Harper break up after she decided that he was enough to live for after all? Will finding out Clarke is alive after six years of thinking she’s dead finally be the turning point for the “will they/won’t they” dance of Bellamy and Clarke? After all, you call a guy 2199 days in a row and you have to expect something to shift in your relationship.

Aa announced during The CW’s Television Critics Association event, The 100 returns Tuesday, April 24. Hopefully a trailer will drop soon after and answer some of these questions but chances are it will just raise more.  The 100 is definitely a show that keep us on our toes and our minds racing. Until then, continue streaming, theorizing, and tweeting.

Heather Mason
Heather Mason joined the TV Source Magazine team in December 2017 with plans to cover The CW's 100.

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